SQLyog Ultimate 13.1.1 Retail x86 / x64

SQLyog Ultimate 13.1.1 Retail x86 / x64

SQLyog is one of the most popular SQL database management software released for Windows. This software is a database management tool anywhere in the world that is compact, very fast, easy to use and has a graphical environment. With this program, you can organize your data in a visual and beautiful user interface and perform the necessary operations on them. This program has the ability to perform the most complex tasks on different programs and offers different features to its users.

Webyog SQLyog has optimization tools, query profile creation, advanced connectivity options, sync tools, and finally visual tools. This software works more like phpMyAdmin, which all web developers are definitely familiar with, with the difference that this program has more features. Among these features, we can mention the design in its visual style, which provides a beautiful environment for users. The program includes a variety of additional tools that allow intelligent work with the tool. The ability to support databases such as HTTPS and SSH is another feature of this program.

Features and Features of Webyog SQLyog:

– Intuitive user interface

– Database management

– Ability to organize the database

– Visual style design

– Ability to use additional tools

– Organizing data

– Has optimization tools

– Create a Query profile

– Advanced connection options

– Sync tools

Installation guide

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