SSMS Tools Pack

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SSMS Tools Pack is an add-on for SQL Server Management Studio that adds various features to this environment after installation. Using this plugin, you can easily output the results of queries, the content of one or more tables or the entire database to Excel. You can save query history in files. You can always have your desired phrases in the form of snippet. Using this tool, you will be able to change the color of the query window based on the name of the server and database. Using this tool, you can easily define various templates for queries and later use these templates at high speed when querying or creating new queries.

One of the tasks that every programmer or DBA needs is to write stored procedures for applying CRUD. Using this program, you can easily create these procedures for a table or even an entire database. Another important application of this search tool is in query results, some queries provide very long output, you may be looking for a record that one of the fields has a specific phrase, here you can ask this tool to find that record for you Slowly

This plugin allows its users to run a single script on multiple databases on the same server, thus eliminating the need to duplicate scripts on different databases. This plugin adds various features to the SQL Server Management Studio environment, of which we have only mentioned a few. Using this tool largely eliminates the shortcomings in the SSMS environment and makes some repetitive tasks easier.

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

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Download SSMS Tools Pack

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