Statistics - Arithmetic Range

Statistics – Arithmetic Range

The Arithmetic Vary of a set of knowledge is the distinction between the very best and lowest values within the set.

Arithmetic Vary is outlined and given by the next operate:



The place −

  • LL = Largest merchandise
  • SS = Smallest merchandise

That is an absolute measure. The relative measure known as as coefficient of vary is given by

Coefficient of Range=LSL+SCoefficient of Vary=L−SL+S


Drawback Assertion:

Cheryl took 7 math exams in a single marking interval. What’s the vary of her take a look at scores and coeff.of vary?

89 73 84 91 87 77 94



Ordering the take a look at scores from least to biggest, we get:

73 77 84 87 89 91 94

Range = Largest  Smallest =9473=21Vary = Largest − Smallest =94−73=21

Largest + Smallest =94+73=167Coefficient of Range=LSL+S=21167=0.1257Largest + Smallest =94+73=167Coefficient of Vary=L−SL+S=21167=0.1257

The Vary of those take a look at scores is 21 factors and coeff. of vary is 0.1257 factors.