Statistics - Bar Graph

Statistics – Bar Graph

A bar chart is a graphical illustration of the classes as bars. Every bar’s top is proportional to the amount of the class that it represents. A bar chart could be plotted vertically or horizontally. Normally it’s drawn vertically the place x-axis represents the classes and y-axis represents the values for these classes.

Downside Assertion:

Create a bar chart that illustrates the varied sports activities performed by the girls and boys in a society.

Sr. No. Sport Boys Ladies
1 Basket Ball 15 10
2 Volley Ball 15 10
3 Badminton 10 15
4 Cricket 10 20
5 Soccer 20 15


Use the x-axis to attract the girls and boys information and use y-axis to attract the class as sports activities. Draw the chart as proven beneath:

Bar Chart