Statistics - Binomial Distribution

Statistics – Binomial Distribution

Bionominal appropriation is a discrete chance conveyance. This distribution was found by a Swiss Mathematician James Bernoulli. It’s utilized in such state of affairs the place an experiment ends in two potentialities – success and failure. Binomial distribution is a discrete likelihood distribution which expresses the likelihood of 1 set of two alternatives-successes (p) and failure (q). Binomial distribution is outlined and given by the next likelihood perform:



The place −

  • pp = Likelihood of success.
  • qq = Likelihood of failure = 1p1−p.
  • nn = Variety of trials.
  • P(Xx)P(X−x) = Likelihood of x successes in n trials.


Downside Assertion:

Eight cash are tossed on the identical time. Uncover the chance of getting a minimum of 6 heads.


Let pp=likelihood of getting a head. qq=likelihood of getting a tail.

Here,p=12,q=12,n=8, P(Xx)=nCxQnx.px,P(at least 6 heads)=P(6H)+P(7H)+P(8H),8C6(12)2(12)6+8C7(12)1(12)7+8C8(12)8,=28×1256+8×1256+1×1256,=37256