StatWizards Suite 2017 x86 / x64

StatWizards Suite 2017 x86 / x64

StatWizards Suite includes a set of tools for training and consulting for optional modeling, Hardy Feeder Prediction, and more. This set includes Design Wizard, Data Wizard, Simulator Wizard, Discrete-Choice Wizards – Bundle, Forecast Wizard and Latent GOLD Format Wizard, each of which we will examine.

Check out StatWizards Suite tools:

  • Design Wizard: This software helps you create an experimental design for a discrete choice questionnaire. Starting with a simple list of Excel features and product levels, the Wizard steps you through a process that selects efficient collections, visits to ready-made camera stores, and a variety of output formats. Design Wizard makes the design production process easier, faster and better than any of its competitors. Using the power of Excel, the Design Wizard can also create very complex designs
  • Data Wizard: A discrete selection project involves a significant number of steps. Typically, a project starts with gathering a list of product features and levels used to produce an experimental design, adding store visitors to a questionnaire and then adding it to the field.
  • Simulator Wizard: Creates an Excel-based market simulation from a discrete selection model. Starting with the output of a statistical estimation program, the Simulator Wizard follows your steps through a process that generates a complete market simulator and delivers it to users immediately.
  • Discrete-Choice Wizards – Bundle: Includes wizard design, data, format and simulation packed at a discount. When you use this collection, you will never go back to what you did before.
  • Forecast Wizard: Hardy feeder models to a number of common virtual problems such as understanding the structure of sales volume, calculating the value of customer life based on demand, frequency and monetary value of purchase, preventing customer retention and collapse, sales forecast based on test results Online Behavior and Improve Marketing Campaigns
  • Latent GOLD Format Wizard: Helps you import results from Latent GOLD estimation into Excel and add useful charts and proper formatting.

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