Strand7 R3.1.1 + Webnotes R3 x64

Strand7 R3.1.1 + Webnotes R3 x64


Strand7 is a powerful tool for finite element simulation and analysis, published by Australian company Strand7 software. A fully integrated visual environment with a set of powerful salvers of this software has become a very advanced and powerful tool that can be used in various projects.

One hundred percent graphical and optimized user interface of the software enables the user to perform various tasks such as developing construction models, performing advanced analyzes and comparing results simultaneously, and saving time. The available toolkit helps you complete the time-consuming processes of building prototypes and editing elements of current models as quickly as possible, and leave other complex tasks such as meshing to intelligent software automation.

The tree file organization system of different files and models helps you to organize a complex model in the fastest possible time with a set of simple tools and access the components of the model in the fastest possible time. Among the most important features in the software modeling system, we can mention the construction of a personalized coordinate system and automatic detection of empty and defective parts of the model.

With sufficient hardware resources, the user can open multiple models simultaneously on their desktop and move different and common elements between different models. The software supports the most popular engineering formats and users can download engineering data from IGES, ACIS, STEP, and DXF files.

Features and specifications of Strand7 software

  • Advanced and fast modeling
  • Ability to undo and save updates and various changes made to a model
  • Tree file organization and management system for the convenience of users and quick access to the elements of a complex and heavy model
  • Ability to run and edit different models simultaneously and in the form of multiple windows
  • Ability to display different models in three dimensions
  • Supports various IGES, ACIS, STEP, and DXF formats
  • Ability to rotate and dynamic zoom
  • Ability to visualize and display final data and models in various visual formats
  • Sort and filter various data and results with Result Listings spreadsheet
  • Professional archiving and reporting capabilities
  • Rich libraries full of one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional and عن elements and models
  • Provides a set of static, dynamic, and salvers
  • Completely flexible environment
  • Possibility of use in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, urban planning, mining, and…

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System requirements for Strand7 software

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)

See page 11 of the y6can.WhatsNewinStrand7R3.pdf file for a complete list of software and hardware minimums.




Strand7 installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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