StructurePoint spMats 8.12

StructurePoint spMats 8.12

spMats is a powerful software for designing and analyzing the foundations of buildings and residential and industrial buildings. Engineers use the capabilities of this program to improve the design of complex foundations, strengthen them and the interaction of soil and structures. This software used to be known as pcaMats and MATS, and in recent years it has changed to its new name, spMats. Using this product, it is possible to analyze and design various types of concrete foundations, composites or reinforced concrete slabs. Concrete slabs in this program are modeled using a combination of assembled elements, which makes it easier to design this type of foundation.

Using spMats, it is also possible to design based on the limit method. This method is included in a number of European regulations and its purpose is to complete the final resistance of the structure against limit pressures. Using this software, different limit conditions can be predicted and the design can be done based on it. This program automatically and in accordance with ACI 318-14 / 11/08/05/02 and CSA A23.3-14 / 04/94 building regulations, the amount and number of metal beams and columns required to strengthen the desired foundation. Calculates. It is also possible to perform shear punch calculations around columns and piles. This program models the behavior of slabs and mats using shear deformation theory as well as finite element method or FEM method and therefore has high accuracy in modeling.

Features and features of spMats:

  •  Automatic numbering of nodes and components
  • Simple graphical interface
  • Simple operation of the program using the mouse
  • Ability to change any part of the design at any stage of the project
  • Ability to adjust the grid of points for easier design of parts
  • Ability to zoom in on a specific area as well as move the design
  • Three-dimensional display of modeled slabs and the ability to rotate them using the mouse
  • Supports 255 vertical and horizontal lines for the grid
  • Ability to use 255 levels of line thickness
  • Supports 65025 nodes and 64516 separate elements in one project
  • Support for various units of measurement

Installation guide

Copy the file in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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