StruSoft FEM-Design Suite 15.00.002

StruSoft FEM-Design Suite 15.00.002

FEM-Design Suite is an advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of steel structures, load-bearing concrete, steel and wood structures according to Eurocode. This unique software with a user-friendly environment is based on familiar CAD tools that create models and edit structures. The quick and easy nature of FEM-Design makes it ideal for all types of construction, which is the best scientific tool for structural engineers.

Features and facilities of FEM Design Suite:

  • Easy 3D modeling with CAD visual tools and BIM software
  • Optimize automatically generated components
  • The auto-design feature helps you choose the most efficient way
  • Evaluate the resulting forces and the relationship in the shell elements
  • The results are shown in a variety of 3D charts, contour lines and color palettes
  • Automatic project update report
  • Integrated CAD tools, intuitive user interface
  • Importing the complete structure from BIM software, which saves time and eliminates double the work
  • Fast calculation and analysis speed
  • Stability analysis of prefabricated buildings
  • Unique document module allows you to create beautiful and complete documents in all projects
  • High quality personal support to start building the project

Installation guide

After installing the file in the Crack folder, copy it to the software installation location.

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