Subnautica game and 10 tips for newcomers

Subnautica game
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If you are new to Subnautica, remember the following tips to make the game a little easier for you.


Subnautica is one of the few games that puts you in the heart of the ocean and creates many challenges for the audience.

If you are interested in gathering resources, building bases and fighting various creatures, you will enjoy this game very much. However, when a famous YouTuber like Markiplier dedicates nearly 70 videos to the game, it means that we are dealing with an effect that has a lot of potential and can entertain the audience for hours.

Subnautica game guide for newcomers

We are on the verge of releasing Subnatica and its sequel (Below Zero) for the Nintendo Switch console, and the market for this work has once again become hot. If you are one of the people who have recently visited this game, the following tips can help you to have a better sea tour.

– The importance of storage

Game Subnautica

This game is great from different angles, but since it has a lot of content, it may sometimes bug or throw you out. No one likes to lose all progress due to a small problem or be forced to start a difficult part from the beginning. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you save the game in abundance. This may be simple, but sometimes we forget.

– Small pots are better

Game Subnautica

Growbeds are easy to make and look like they could be more useful. But in reality, plant pots are more efficient and give you more space. For example, in the Observatory you can put a large pot or 10 small pots. They may be a little time consuming to build, but if you want to make the most of space, you have to go for Planet Pot.

– Tame the stalker fish

Game Subnautica

Why go out and look for items when local creatures can do it? Some players may not realize for a long time that stalker fish can be tamed and used. Taming these fish, although temporary, does not pose much of a challenge for you. In fact, it is enough to give the stackers, fish or pieces of iron to serve you for a while.

By feeding the stalkers, they are tamed and bring you various gifts. So if you want to get items and resources with the least effort, all you have to do is feed these fish. This will save you time.

– Travel style

Game Subnautica

Many newcomers may not realize this for a while. When leaving the base, it is best not to take extra equipment with you and not to weigh your character as much as possible. The more items you have with you, the slower you move. Swimming is also slower when you hold an item.

The most important reason for leaving the base is to gather resources and equipment. So it does not make sense for your inventory list to be full before doing so. Empty it to bring back more resources.

– How to get more drones with cameras?

Game Subnautica

Many game friends may not be in favor of bug fixes, but if you do not have a problem with this, you will welcome access to multiple camera drones. To do this, just make a scanner room and separate the camera drone from it. Then deconstruct the components of the Roman scanner and rebuild it.

You will see that the new room has two cameras. Just repeat this to get more cameras!

– Cyclops submarine

Game Subnautica

Once you have built the Cyclops submarine, you can use it to do various tasks, but many players may not learn its mechanics well. For example, if aquatic creatures follow you, just turn off the engine so they can ignore you.

You should also know that the interior and exterior lights of the submarine do not reduce its energy. So if you are in an environment that is dark and needs light, do not worry about wasting energy and reducing the power of the cyclist and you do not need to turn off the lights.

– Making batteries

Game Subnautica

Batteries are one of the most important items in the game, but unfortunately, the resources needed to make them are not easily available. But there is an easy way to do this that many players may not realize for a long time. All you have to do is create a Repair Tool.

Making repair tools requires only one Silicon Rubber, Sulfur and Titanium. After doing this, you can remove the battery and use it wherever you want. So instead of producing batteries directly, make repair tools that are more efficient and require fewer resources.

– Construction with dead batteries

Game Subnautica

It is true that you can make chargers, but there is another smart way to use dead batteries. There are many items and equipment in the game that the battery is part of the instructions for making them, but it does not matter if the battery is fully charged or not. Therefore, use dead batteries in construction (Crafting).

– Cooking with thermal valves

Game Subnautica

Everyone wants to get a thermoblade knife, because it makes different tasks easier, including cooking. But since this knife is not easy to obtain, it is better to prepare the fish in a different way. You can catch the fish with the Propulsion Cannon and place it in front of the Thermal Vent to cook it. After a short time, the fish is ready and you can use it.

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Game Subnautica

Of course, in this article, we could not address all the points related to the game. Sabnatica has a lot of details and even professional players sometimes have problems in different sections or forget some details. If you have a problem and you are looking to fix it or you want to know more points, you can visit the game wiki page and read more information about the construction of items. Doing so will not only not hurt your experience but also make it more enjoyable.

Subnautica is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Have you experienced Subnautica? Let us know what you think.