Supercharger for Visual Studio 2013-2019

Supercharger is a very useful super extension for improving the coding experience in the Visual Studio environment. This extension has so many interesting features that we had to use the word super extension. First of all, this product is affiliated with Roslyn and can only be installed and run on the 2013, 2015 and 2017 versions of Visual Studio. One of the most prominent features of this useful plugin is the excellent improvement in scrolling different parts of the code. The plugin does this based on the CodeMap feature of Visual Studio.

This feature is more visible in solutions and projects with a large number of files, classes, methods and other entities. All elements and entities in the code map are easily accessible to you. This extension also adds guidelines to the code blocks beyond the initial indentation of the code, which makes it very easy to follow the beginning and end of the methods and conditional blocks and.. Sometimes not leaving a brace causes us to spend too much time finding the problem. Especially when we are doing Asynchronous coding with all the parentheses and nested braces. However, after installing this extension, the color of the brackets and the beginning and end of the code blocks are marked transparently, which is a good solution for such problems.

‌ Other features;

Supercharger tries its best to increase the readability of the code by coloring the names of methods, classes, parameters, bolding important parts, changing the appearance of regions, and so on. The product’s improved search tool is literally a professional search engine, and Visual Studio’s default search engine has nothing to say about it. The options in the search section are so wide that complex scenarios can be searched. One of the interesting features of this extension is the ability to bold and italicize Kurdish code like word processing software such as Word.


The comments section has changed completely, you can colorize different words in the comment, underline, underline some words, bold, even with colored lines you can separate different parts of long comments, this tool is a spelling mistake He also pays attention to the spelling of your writings. Supercharger has many capabilities and can not be explained in one or two paragraphs. We suggest that you install this plugin if you are doing .NET coding professionally, especially if you are doing large projects, so that you can clearly see that your coding experience is improving.

Note that since this extension is based on Roslyn, it will have a lot of overhead for the Visual Studio environment. Therefore, to make the most of this product, use the right hardware so that its capabilities are not an overhead to reduce your coding speed instead of increasing productivity.

Installation guide

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