Symantec Veritas NetBackup & OpsCenter 8.0

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Netbackup is one of the most powerful backup software at the business level and for large organizations. The program is offered as a cross-platform and its backup capabilities are available on various operating systems, including Windows, Unix and Linux. This software is centrally located on a server and manages all backups taken. It supports a variety of hardware from hard drives to magnetic tapes. The program is able to make backups in different ways, for example, you can make backups directly from Oracle databases and restore them virtually in other systems. This program is made by Symantec company and uses special technologies to increase the backup speed. This technology backs up files without the need to read the entire system, which greatly speeds up the operation.

Netbackup allows admins to periodically take snapshots of systems and save them to the desired location. These snapshots can be retrieved at any time. All backed up files in this software are carefully indexed, which makes the search among the mass of files to be done quickly. This software also pays great attention to security points and all data is stored encrypted on servers. It also has a variety of rigid permissions to access data that, with proper configuration, can prevent any kind of virtual access to data.

Symantec Veritas NetBackup 8.0

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 1 GB

Download Section 3 – 112 MB

Download Symantec Veritas NetBackup OpsCenter 8.0

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