Synopsys FPGA Synthesis Products 2014.03

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Synopsys FPGA Synthesis Products is software for examining, designing and programming circuits. FPGA stands for Field Programmable Logic Gate Array A new generation of digitally programmable integrated circuits that run very fast. FPGA chips have several thousand logic gates that are interconnected by communication lines with programmable switches. FPGAs are mostly used in complex digital circuits that require high speed. The operating speed of the FPGA is in the range of a few nanoseconds. Reducing the need for hardware components and programming in a simple and completely standard way is another advantage of using FPGA chips.

Features and specifications of Synopsys FPGA Synthesis Products:

–  Fast runtime and incremental capabilities to  achieve  results in the  fastest possible time

–  Best quality results (Qor) for performance scheduling in the industry

–  logic to minimize the reduction of cost and power

– Provides  multiple target FPGAs  from single RTL source

–  HDL Analyzer Schematic viewer for fast debugging and adjustment restrictions

–  Automation to reduce SEU including duplicate TMR by comparing FSM performance and inference from ECC memory  

–  Support for third party FPGAs

–  Ability to debug operating FPGA  directly in RTL code

–  integration with Synphony Model Compiler for implementation of algorithms in DSP

–  Analysis tools to reduce dynamic power consumption

–  Support for prototype -based FPGAs  including gate and clock conversion generation

–  Support of blocks of buildings Synopsys Designware and Designware core of the digital to ensure compatibility ASIC current

–  The design for the development of distributed and parallel with the stream top to bottom / bottom-up or a combination  

–  Automation and customization including Tcl hands and finding streams

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