Synopsys HSPICE L-2016.06-SP1 Win / Linux

Synopsys HSPICE L-2016.06-SP1 Win / Linux

Synopsys HSPICE is a very powerful software in the field of electronic circuit simulation and has up-to-date algorithms for simulating and analyzing MOS components. Synopsys HSPICE is used to analyze basic electronic circuits such as transistors and does not involve electronic components such as microcontrollers. This software has a lot of power in simulating and correcting its output data in testing and analyzing various electronic circuits. Synopsys HSPICE software is an accurate and valid simulator for simulating and analyzing different parts of the circuit, managing the power consumption of its components, testing the performance of elements and creating drawings and design documents.

Features of Synopsys HSPICE software:

  • Having a large volume of proprietary and industrial simulated models
  • Provide standard tools for accurate simulation of electronic circuits
  • Very high power in simulation and testing of parts
  • Has a powerful and effective mechanism to define the effect of trend changes
  • A great solution for designing amplifiers and sound modifiers
  • Analysis of the working process of the devices in the process of time and depreciation
  • Provide highly accurate output data from test results and circuit analysis
  • Efficient statistical simulation of the effects of mismatch of local parameters
  • Very high speed in performing multiple analyzes
  • Comprehensive analysis of designed parts, boards and parts
  • Realistic simulation and processing of various circuits and components

Installation guide

After installing the program, use the crack and keygen that came with the program to crack it.

Linux installation guide: (by Mr. Haji Ghasemi)

To install HSpace under Linux, first download and extract synopsys installer 3.3. You see a file with the run extension. Let it run:
Open a terminal and go to that folder then type:
chmod + x Synopsys ????. Run
because the file name is long I ??? I let you complete or rename it.
Create a folder in your home folder, for example my-synopsys
Now type:
Synopsys ????. Run /.
It asks you for the folder address. Type: (Suppose the username is Arman)
home / arman / my-synopsys /
Now run the file and create several files
in the my-synopsys folder Go to the my-synopsys folder.
If your Linux is fedora or ubuntu, you must first install tcsh. To do this, type in fedora in the terminal:
dnf install tcsh
Now you have to type:
PATH = / home / arman / my-synopsys: $ PATH
export PATH

Now extract the rest of the hspice files and cut the .spf file and copy it to my-synopsys.
Now let the file in the my-synopsys folder run (chmod)

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In the window that opens, click next. Tick ​​the left side of the spice. Type the address of the installation location

download link

Download Synopsys_HSPICE_L-2016.06-SP1_Win

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