Systat PeakFit 4.12.00

Systat PeakFit 4.12.00

Systat PeakFit software is an unavoidable choice for spectroscopy, chromatography or chromatography and electrophoresis. This software receives data in various formats and after performing high-level and complex calculations, displays the results graphically with great accuracy.

Methods used in Systat PeakFit:

This program uses three different methods to automatically locate hidden peaks (peaks and valleys), although each method is very powerful, but sometimes in certain circumstances a method may result. Gained better than another.

  • Remaining method: It first finds the location of the peaks by finding the relative maximum in a continuous data stream and then adds the hidden peaks as desired in the places where the peak occurs in the residuals. .
  • The second derivative method: seeks out the relative minimums that exist in the vicinity of places where the second derivative is zeroed in a continuous data stream. These relative minimums usually reveal the location of hidden peaks.
  • Deconvolution method: uses a Gaussian response function with a Fourier deconvolution conversion algorithm. The range from which deconolution can be successfully obtained will include sharper peaks in a relatively balanced range. The purpose of this method is to find the highest hidden peaks, each of which represents a relative maximum.

If the feature of automatically placing peaks in PeakFit software is hampered by very complex or disrupted data, you can place the peaks graphically with just a few mouse clicks. This software also allows you to manipulate very complex data and get easier output. For most datasets, PeakFit does most of the computing for you. Calculations that may require hours of work are now done using PeakFit in minutes and with a few clicks. In this way, the software saves you valuable time while doing research.

Features of Systat PeakFit:

  • Supports various formats for input data such as: ASCII, Excel®, Lotus 123®, Quattro Pro®Windows®, SigmaPlot®, AIA Chromatography, dBase ® III +, IV, DIF, ASCII and Spreadsheet – like Editors, ®
  • Prepare data by performing accurate and advanced calculations
  • Automatic placement of couriers with precise methods
  • Ability to select the location of couriers manually in the graphical environment
  • Manually adjust the parameters
  • Provide output of all generated data
  • Ability to save charts in clipboard or save them in BMP or WMF formats

Installation guide

After installing and running the program, the registry window will be displayed, click Update and enter the serial DAA6CD55-FBFB1907.

This version was installed on September 21, 1998 in 64-bit Windows 10 and was successfully activated.

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