Take a look at the price of the Samsung Galaxy A52
Galaxy A52

Take a look at the price of the Samsung Galaxy A52

Finally, Samsung unveiled the 4G and 5G versions of the Galaxy A52. Interestingly, the price of the Samsung Galaxy A52 is competitive with the Galaxy A51.


The phone is still a few weeks away from entering some markets, such as the United States; But with the launch in Europe and the UK, the price of the Samsung Galaxy A52 was announced:

  • Galaxy E 52 5G with 6 + 128 GB memory: 429 euros or 399 pounds (equivalent to 510 or 550 dollars)
  • Galaxy E52 with 128GB + 6GB memory: € 349 ($ 415)

Samsung had promised to lower the price of its phones this year; It offered the Galaxy S21 series , on average, $ 200 cheaper than the Galaxy S20 models. It now appears to have a similar pricing policy for the Galaxy A52.



Last year, the base price of the Galaxy A 51 in the US was $ 400. This amount was $ 550 for the most expensive 5G version of the phone.

Turning prices, we see that the Galaxy A52 5G is slightly cheaper in Europe than the Galaxy A51 5G. However, spending around $ 500 to buy a 5G phone can not be a bad deal.

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