Task Manager Pro (Task Killer) 2.2.3 for Android +1.6
Task Manager Pro

Task Manager Pro (Task Killer) 2.2.3 for Android +1.6


Task Manager Pro is a powerful one-step task manager. Check tasks with Task Manager Pro, stop useless items, increase your phone speed, and increase your battery life. Task Manager Pro is a small, very small program that shows great power in monitoring and stopping running applications and tasks. Remember that by reducing the number of running apps and tasks, you have achieved better performance for your Android phone or device, while also increasing your device’s battery life.

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Features and Features of Task Manager Pro:

  • A small widget to check memory, quickly eliminate tasks (tasks) or run programs with a single click
  • Stop useless tasks to have more memory space.
  • Sort tasks by name.
  • Automatically eliminates tasks when the screen turns off.
  • Task menu for switching, clearing, ignoring, auto-stopping or searching for applications
  • Ignore preferential programs when stopping tasks
  • Select a collection and take advantage of the powerful notification system
  • On rooted devices, it directly stops the programs.
  • This version is without any ads.

Download Task Manager Pro (Task Killer) 2.2.3

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