TatukGIS SDK Enterprise .Net 11.42 /XE7-RX10.2 11.10

TatukGIS SDK Enterprise .Net 11.42 /XE7-RX10.2 11.10

TatukGIS Developer Kernel is a powerful GIS component for standalone custom development, client servers, web servers and mobile applications. TatukGIS is an ideal component for adding GIS capabilities to existing products, transferring software from less attractive GIS systems, and developing new applications from scratch. The DK product version is available for multiple development platforms:

  • Microsoft .NET for WinForms and WPF
  • Microsoft ActiveX / OCX
  • Microsoft ASP.NET (for web solutions)
  • Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (Mobile Solution)
  • Delphi / C ++ Builder VCL

Each DK version represents the same principle of API, framework and technology. High degree of similarity, able to transfer GIS applications between the development of Visual Basic, VB.NET, C #, ASP.NET, Delphi and فن technologies. For example, software source code can be compiled under the DK.NET version of WinForms as a desktop application. This component has been used by customers in dozens of countries.

Features and specifications of TatukGIS:

  • Native support for most formats (raster, vector and spatial database)
  • Coordinate systems support
  • 3D visualization
  • Preview print control, GPS panel, North arrow control, Coordinate system control setting
  • Data set control, 3D control panel, geometric editing, visual editing
  • Supports a variety of vectors
  • Output / insert and interpret between multiple vectors and layer types
  • Geographical coordinates and inverse geographical coordinates
  • Topological operations
  • Support for GPS simulator
  • Multilingual and Unicode support
  • Convert geometry types, custom definition of coordinate system
  • Storage of vectors and layers in the database
  • Flood simulation, light and shadow control, camera / scene control (zoom and rotation), line rendering and volume points

Installation guide

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Download TatukGIS Developer Kernel for ASP.NET

Download TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET


Download TatukGIS DK Delphi RX10.2

Download TatukGIS DK Delphi RX10.1

Download TatukGIS DK Delphi RX10

Download TatukGIS DK Delphi XE8


Download TatukGIS Editor


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Download TatukGIS_8.0 Full Source XE8

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