TechWorld with Nana – Complete GitLab CI/CD Course with Docker | Kubernetes | Microservices 2022
Complete GitLab CI

TechWorld with Nana – Complete GitLab CI/CD Course with Docker | Kubernetes | Microservices 2022


Complete GitLab CI/CD Course with Docker | Kubernetes | Microservices is a CI/CD training course for GitLab and Docker, Kubernetes, and microservices technologies, published by the specialized programming training website TechWorld with Nana. This training course is completely comprehensive and practical and covers all related topics. Gitlab’s CI/CD is one of the most popular and widely used CI/CD platforms used by companies and professional developers. Building and implementing CI/CD pipelines is one of the most valuable and in-demand skills for DevOps developers and engineers, and various companies and organizations pay very high wages to people who have this skill.

Almost all the courses published in this field are limited to explaining the basic topics and avoid teaching more complex and practical concepts. In this training course, difficult but at the same time, very important and sensitive topics such as dynamic or dynamic versioning and the use of cache memory in order to increase the speed of execution or implementation of pipelines will be discussed.

What is in the training course Complete GitLab CI/CD Course with Docker Kubernetes | Microservices you will learn:

  • Quick and easy use of GitLab CI/CD and its various features and benefits
  • Installation and use of autonomous gate lab runners
  • Build and deploy containers with Docker Compose
  • Construction of a multi-stage or multi-stage pipeline
  • Configure CI/CD pipelines for Monorepo and Polyrepo microservices
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: TechWorld with Nana
Instructor: Nana Janashia
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 62
Duration of Education: 10 hours

Complete GitLab CI Course headings


Complete GitLab CI

Course prerequisites

Basics of Containers – Docker (My Docker Course on Youtube is sufficient)
Linux Basics (Working with the terminal)
Basics of Git – like cloning a repository, commit, push, pull
Only for the last chapter/demo project, where we deploy to K8s : Basics of Kubernetes (My K8s course on Youtube is sufficient)

Complete GitLab CI Course images

Complete GitLab CI

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