TeeChart Pro VCL-FMX 2020.30 / .NET 4.2019.8.8

The Teechart Pro table drawing component is a library with hundreds of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs for drawing data, 56 mathematical, statistical and financial functions, and allows the user to draw coordinates in each axis with 30 different colors.

TeeChart for .NET is a powerful software for drawing statistical charts according to different needs, which is very easy to work with and you can use it to display your statistics on the web. The three most important goals of this engineering program are financial, scientific and statistical community. This application provides various interactive maps and diagrams for .NET; Offers desktop, mobile and browser pages. This program has all the necessary source code on its website and the public can access it.

TeeChart for .NET has been working in the field of charts and charts for over 15 years. You can easily enter your data into the program environment and create your own chart, then it will be possible to display it in a variety of systems in a responsive way. مختلف Different functions and various indicators are included, with the help of which You can have more control over your statistical system, for example, Open-High-Low-Close Series, Candle, Volume. Web forms created by this program can be viewed in the browser, these forms, which are powered by Html 5 and Javascript, can be displayed in two ways, or stream it directly or they Uploaded to the host and then displayed to the public.

Features and specifications of Teechart component:

Provide complete source code:  All TeeChart Pro component source code is available upon request. The TeeChart component source supports the integrated development environment (IDE) shared between Apple and Windows (such as RAD Studio software and Delphi and C ++ programming languages), and in the new version, using the FireMonkey environment code, the ability to use common source code for compilation Brings software for use on Windows, Mac OS, iPhone and Android.

High speed and low memory consumption:  The graphical table code of this component will deal directly and directly with the Windows graphical user interface (GDI). In this model, data is stored in dynamic arrays that are very similar to the structure of main memory addressing arrays, which access and manipulate the contents of the cells of these arrays at almost the speed of a computer processor. The codes are simplified as much as possible to speed up the component, especially when redrawing tables. Other graphical rendering interfaces, such as 3D OpenGL, DirectX, and نیست, are not as fast as the Windows graphical interface itself for drawing tables in real time.

Designed in several modules (sections) to reduce execution space: A  table with basic drawing patterns (line, bar, page, circle, point), alone has a space of 190 KB. Packages (groups of these components above) are grouped based on the category of each attribute. Developers can build custom packages or create their own custom models using the .NET interface, depending on their needs.

Easy to use in design and implementation:

 TeeChart uses complete and powerful editors for almost all components and subcomponents. These editors are available to the developer at both design and implementation. The TeeCommander component (toolbar with dedicated chart drawing buttons) provides easy access to the editor, print layout, and TeeChart features.

Object Oriented Programming Interface:  The TeeChart architecture is completely object-oriented. Almost everything in this environment is either an object or belongs to a class of an object. Attributes, methods, and events also follow a general, regular pattern. More technically, TeeChart Pro includes 161 modules and 90 page templates, for a total of 798 objects in various classes. Each class has features that, in most cases, are subclasses of the TeeChart interface itself or in the form of a set of classes in the integrated development environment of Apple and Windows.

Numerous documentation and examples:  Help file and documentation including resource guide, user guide, sample description and extensive examples with projects in the form of 376 examples and complete source of each project is provided. This guide also explains the rules and features of the interface between the Apple and Windows operating systems and, by integrating with the development interface, helps the developer during the design. The F1 key displays complete descriptions and elements of component code on almost every page.

Available in different languages:  Ability to use 37 languages ​​with descriptions provided in both component design and execution time environments. As soon as you compile your software, the descriptions of the parts used by TeeChart are provided in the relevant language, without the need for any external dll files and using a simple calling function such as TeeSetSpanish ().

Other TeeChart features:

  • Provide a complete and customizable set of chart types for data visualization such as: line, bar, area, point and shape, volume, up and down, box, etc.
  • Supports a variety of circuit and line plus combinations and includes custom options
  • Output charts in video format (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, SVG, PDF, EPS, VML, WMF / EMF and Flex / Flash)
  • Charts use the VCL array standard, which speeds up and consumes less memory.
  • Multi-axis support, horizontal and vertical audio in the same table, no limit on the number of axes in a chart
  • Zoom scroll animation and live, including 16 default themes that quickly change many chart properties with one click.
  • Adjustable color palette, transparency, 3 gradient colors, 2D and 3D OpenGL with 360 degree rotation, light and shadow
  • More than 60 types of charts including: waterfall, histogram, contour, radar, Smith, 3D vector ,, clock, GIS map, enterprise, etc.
  • Provide a library of maps with properties and features for chart customization
  • Create or connect to an existing database or dataset in the project
  • Includes a set of 51 tools for drawing additional charts such as annotations, sub-charts and more
  • More than 50 financial and administrative indicators such as accelerator, ADX, ATR and so on

Installation guide

Embedded versions are usually source code and complete or enabled with Keygen.

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