Tekla CSC Fastrak 2018 v18.1.0

Tekla CSC Fastrak 2018 v18.1.0

Tekla CSC Fastrak Trimble is an efficient software for designing steel structures. Using this program, you can design and analyze a variety of simple and complex metal structures in complete simplicity and speed. When designing with this software, real and ready parts are provided to you, for example, different types of beams, columns and slabs are at your disposal. Using these parts, you can design the desired structure in a modulated way, and at any stage of the project, click on the desired part and change its specifications according to your wishes.

In this software, you will be able to use several building design standards and regulations, including British (BS), European (EC) or American standards. In addition to this program, it is possible to analyze the condition of the structure against the pressures applied to it, including aftershocks, wind and other critical conditions, and by considering the calculations and analytical reports, the structure can be protected for disasters. Strengthen naturally as well. One of the important advantages of this software is its accurate documentation. All designs and specifications of parts, design drawings and various calculations are documented in the form of a regular report. The changes you make to the project during the project will be saved in the history and it is possible to return to the previous steps at any time. Tekla CSC Fastrak is fully compatible with other software such as Autodesk Revit.

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