Tekla Portal Frame & Connection Designer 2019i v19.1.0.0

Tekla Portal Frame & Connection Designer 2019i v19.1.0.0

Trimble Tekla Portal Frame & Connection Designer is a specialized software for BIM and structural engineers that provides powerful tools for designing steel structures and joints. This software is made by Trimble company and is fully compatible with other Tekla family software. This product has been trusted by building engineers for about 30 years and uses the elastic-plastic analysis method to design a single and multi-opening portal frame.

Tekla Portal Frame & Connection Designer software helps you to design metal structures automatically and besides increasing productivity, you can also save on your costs. Automatic check of lateral displacement , component strength, and instability in movement are the features of this powerful software, and the possibility of loading for windows, snow, ballast, shingles, and shelter is also provided. You can document the final designs along with the calculations and share them with your colleagues. In this software, it is also possible to design connections, column legs, and hollow section communications.

Features of Tekla Portal Frame & Connection Designer software:

  • Powerful design and analysis tools
  • Construction of basic and advanced portal frames
  • Analyze the history of frame hinges
  • Check the stability of components
  • Construction of various metal structures
  • Modeling of beams and turrets
  • Automatic application of imposed load and dead load
  • Customize and extract reports in Word file format
  • Extract reports of connection forces and foundations in Excel file format
  • Save documents in PDF format

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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