temporarily delete or deactivate Instagram

temporarily delete or deactivate Instagram

How to temporarily delete or deactivate your Instagram account

One of the attractive features of Instagram is the temporary deletion of an Instagram or Deactive account. You can make your account unavailable for a short time and no details of your Instagram account will be visible during this period.
In the continuation of this article, you will learn the trick of deactivating your Instagram account.

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If you want to stay away from Instagram for a short time, Instagram gives you the ability to deactivate (temporarily delete) your account for a while.

How to disable or deactivate Instagram?

Before deactivating Instagram , pay attention to the following points:

  • After deactivating Instagram, your account name will be changed to instagramer and it will disappear after a few hours.
  • If you deactivate your Instagram, photos, videos, direct and any information will not be deleted from you and will only be hidden for as long as Instagram is deactivated.
  • It is possible to deactivate the Instagram account once a week.
  • You can not activate your Instagram account immediately after deactivating it and you have to wait 24 hours to be able to activate your Instagram account again.

Steps to deactivate Instagram account:

To deactivate your Instagram account, it cannot be done through the Instagram application, and you must log in to Instagram through the site.

                                          Click to enter the Instagram site

How to deactivate Instagram?

After logging in to your Instagram account, go to the edtie profile section.

When you click the edite profile option at the bottom right of the page, click on the Temporarily disable my account option.

Now you have to write the reason for deactivating your Instagram account in the desired box. Here we select the something else option.

How to deactivate Instagram?

At this point you must in the box to continue. Please re-enter your password Enter your account password.

If you have forgotten your account password, select the forget password option to recover the password via mobile number or email.

How to deactivate Instagram?

Finally, click on the Temporarily disable my account button to deactivate your Instagram account.

How to activate Active account?

It is very easy to activate the Instagram account that you deactivated.

  1. You must be logged in to the site or Instagram software.
  2. Enter your username and password.

You can easily activate your deactivated Instagram account.

Account activation may take a few minutes or hours.

Note: Due to possible problems on Instagram, the duration of deactivating the Instagram account should not exceed 7 days.

Because the Instagram account has been inactive for a long time, it may be difficult to reactivate it or you may never be able to activate the account.