The A-B-C-D Model

The A-B-C-D Model

The A-B-C-D mannequin, developed by Albert Ellis, is regarded worldwide as highly effective remedy to beat anger administration issues.

  • A (Activation Agent) − The state of affairs that triggers your anger.
  • B (Believing) − The way you interpret the activating occasion.
  • C (Penalties) − That is your emotions and actions in response to your perception.
  • D (Dispute) − “Disputing” is checking with beliefs if they’re lifelike or only a figment of your distorted creativeness. That is important in Anger Administration.

Instance of the A-B-C-D Mannequin

A (Activation Agent)

You’re strolling down the steps and any person collides with you and takes off with out apologizing.

B (Believing)

You assume, “Everyone is so reckless these days; they deal with others like pests.”

C (Conclusions)

You discover that your muscular tissues are tense, your coronary heart fee is excessive, and you are feeling such as you wish to hit the steering wheel. You roll down your window and yell an expletive out on the different driver.

D (Dispute)

You possibly can say to your self − “Perhaps he had some emergency… most likely not, however you by no means know; that is life.”

Disputing your irrational perception with this type of rational self-talk diffuses anger and calms you down.