The Aggression Cycle

The Aggression Cycle

Any episode of anger show begins from scratch and builds up, both steadily or quickly by three levels.

Aggression Phases

Right here we are going to talk about these levels together with the actions related to them.

  • Escalation − At this stage, we begin receiving numerous cues that our thoughts and our physique give us concerning the anger build up inside us. These cues are bodily (heavy respiration), behavioral (teeth-clenching), emotional (guilt), or cognitive (photos of revenge).
  • Expression − If the Escalation Section continues unattended, the Expression Section will quickly comply with. That is characterised by violent show of anger which incorporates both verbal or bodily aggression.
  • Submit-expression − It’s at this stage after we begin realizing the unfavourable penalties that have been the direct results of the verbal or bodily aggression. They may vary from inside emotions of guilt, disgrace, and remorse to extra exterior implications corresponding to arrest, and retribution from others.

Each particular person has his private depth, frequency, and length of anger within the Aggression Cycle. For instance, one particular person might get offended in just some minutes. One other particular person’s anger might escalate slowly over a protracted length earlier than hitting the Expression Stage.


The Purpose of Anger Administration is to stop folks from reaching the Expression Stage. With the assistance of efficient strategies and practices, anger will be recognized and managed earlier than it reaches the Escalation Stage.