The Baby-Boom Generation Employees

The Baby-Boom Generation Employees

The baby-boomers, popularly known as pigs in the python, mostly comprise those employees who were born in between 1943 and 1965. However, the U.S Census Bureau differs a little on this and states that boomers are individuals born between 1946 and 1964. It is believed the boomers will attain the retirement age of 65 over the next 15 years.

Baby-boomers or Boomers got this name, as almost 17 million new babies were born during this period, in sharp contrast to the earlier census figures. Quite understandably, their impact was also distinctly visible in its impact on the American society which was then a country of over 78 million. Unlike the Traditionals, the Boomers were not strictly need-based in their life. They paid equal priority to their work and their self-worthiness.

Boomers have witnessed and participated in some of the biggest political and social breakouts in the US history such as the Vietnam War, the civil-rights riots, the Kennedy & King assassinations, Watergate, and Woodstock scandals. These events against the power have shaped Boomers as good leaders and indeed, most of them are now in the leadership positions.


Characteristics of Boomers

Following are some of the most prominent characteristic features of Boomers −

  • Boomers are confident and optimistic about changing the world, owing to their contributions towards the prosperity and progress of America during this period.
  • Boomers have a peculiar habit of respecting the authority.
  • The workaholic Boomers believe success can never be achieved without dedication and personal sacrifices.
  • Just like the Traditionals, the Baby-Boomers too oblige their dues in time, are loyal towards their employers, and enjoy teamwork and collaborations.
  • Boomers emphasize on engaging in decision-making as a group, rather as individuals.
  • Being free-spirited, the Boomers tend to feel de-motivated under continuous supervision.
  • They assert for their rights with confidence and feel comfortable in groups or communities.

Boomers possess the quality to respect the unity of command and they normally do not go against their peers and authority at times of disagreement. Though they do not like too many problems in their life, but can stand against the system for a cause.