The best and worst foods for diabetics

The diabetic diet  is sensitive and extremely important and  diabetics  must be very careful about what they eat during the day.

When it comes to type 2 diabetes, eating healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats is crucial. Some people find counting carbohydrates helpful in controlling these substances. The question is what are the characteristics of a balanced dinner for these people? How about breakfast? You need to know how to choose foods from the instructions given by your doctor and do it well. In this article, we try to  discuss good and bad food options  for  people with diabetes  .

Bad choice: farmer’s breakfast

2060 calories, 276 gm carbs

People with diabetes usually limit their intake of certain foods. This type of breakfast is also one of the items that increases your  calories and  carbohydrates quickly. Experts suggest that people with diabetes consume only 47 to 75 grams of carbs, depending on personal goals. Weight, physical activity, and medications are all effective. This food is full of carbohydrates and can be taken from 4 to 5 meals.

A better option: a new American breakfast

294 calories, 40 gm carbs

This meal can provide the protein your body needs and at the same time it contains only 40 grams of carbohydrates. This amount of carbohydrates is also provided by a double-headed, high-fiber and raspberry-rich joe. Fiber can slow digestion and prevent high blood sugar levels. Diabetics should be careful with all carbohydrates. Try to spread your carbohydrates into different meals.

Bad choice: potato chips, ketchup, and burrito

1760 calories, 183 gm carbs

Before you try to eat a burrito, you should know that the chips and the salsa with it can introduce a lot of carbohydrates into your body. The food basket includes chips and sauce containing 98 grams of carbohydrates and 810 calories. If you want to lose weight and consume less sodium, then you should know that burritos can burn up to 950 calories. You will also get a lot of sodium by eating this food.

Best Choice: Beef and Bean Enchilada

443 calories, 48 ​​grams of carbs

Made with lean meat and black beans, this Mexican dish is a great food for diabetics. The fiber in beans can help  lower cholesterol  and control blood sugar levels. Enjoy 10 cornflakes and 1 mini guacamole.

Bad choice: a plate of ribs

The Rating: 2,510 calories, 83g carbs

This classic Southern dish puts a lot of food on a plate. High-fat ribs, which have a sweet barbecue sauce and eaten with macaroni and cheese, make up this dish. Corn is a vegetable that is high in carbohydrates and contains 19 grams of carbohydrates, which is very high.

The best choice: side meats

360 calories, 42 grams carbs

The side meats are some of the purest and best parts of the meat. You can eat it with cooked broccoli and mashed potatoes. Cauliflower puree is   a good alternative to white potatoes.

Bad choice: shrimp alfredo pasta

2290 calories, 196 grams carbs

A typical alfredo pasta cooked with shrimp contains 73 grams of arterial fat blockers. Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease, so doctors recommend limiting your fatty acid intake to 15 grams per day for   2,000-calorie diet .

Best choice: feta pasta and shrimp

396 calories, 48 ​​g carbs

Low-fat shrimp and juicy ripe tomatoes make this pasta. Feta cheese tastes good. Look for pasta that is 50 to 100 percent wholegrain. In this case, you can also benefit from fiber. These benefits include  controlling blood sugar and  feeling full.

Bad pick: the tuna sandwich

1050 calories, 183 gm carbs

Lunch is just as important for diabetics as it is for other people. So do not choose any sandwich as food. Your current tuna salad can contain large amounts of mayonnaise. Chips and other sugary drinks can enter the body with 183 grams of carbohydrates. This amount of carbohydrates is really high.

A better option: veggie and turkey sandwiches

445 calories, 55 grams of carbs

Order a turkey sandwich with wholegrain bread and vegetables. You can eat it with fruit and a cup of low-fat milk. Six grams of fiber helps control blood sugar. Milk, fruits and vegetables are high in  potassium  , which helps  lower blood pressure  .

Bad choice: jumbo with cajun sauce

1069 calories, 92 grams of carbs

Chicken is a good start to a jumbo lunch with Cajun sauce, but salsa, oil soup, and a large corn cake can be painful. The fats, saturated fatty acids, and calories in this food are extremely high. Large corn pancakes contain 71 grams of carbohydrates.

A better option: the jumbo chicken diet

451 calories, 42 grams carbs

Gambo that you make at home can be a great option. Use a low-fat sauce, real Cajun flavor, brown rice, and fiber-rich vegetables. Eat whole grain salads with nuts, dried fruits, and vegetables.

Bad choice: fried chicken

1030 calories, 96 grams carbs

It’s better to be carefree with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and bread. Even if you order chicken breast, you should know that this substance is rich in fats and carbohydrates.

The best option: roast chicken

312 calories, 29 grams of carbs

Roast chicken can be prepared easily. Serve half a cup of chicken breast. Eat sweet potatoes and  asparagus  with this meal. Potatoes contain fiber and   high vitamin A.

Bad choice: hamburger

2700 calories, 309 carbs

One thing is a burger, french fries, and a great soft drink with carbs, 2,700 calories and 44 grams of saturated fatty acids.

A better option: the Asian tone burger

437 calories, 38 grams of carbs

You can also make this burger at home. Tuna contains omega-3 fatty acids. Add the whole grains, half a cup of broccoli, carrots, and a pinch of orange. A veggie and turkey burger can also be   good options.

Bad choice: fried fish platter

910 calories, 92 grams carbs

Fish is part of  a healthy diet  unless you fry it. The oil adds extra calories to the body and reduces its benefits.

Best option: grilled fish with vegetables

456 calories, 48g carbs

The best meal for diabetics  or healthy people  begins with cooked  or grilled fish . Roasted corn sauce and walnut salad can be served with this dish. Total carbohydrates should not exceed 48 grams. It also contains balanced amounts of essential nutrients such as protein, fiber and fats.

Bad choice: cheese meal

1433 calories, 125 gm carbs

Fried egg rolls, fried rice, and the main course containing large amounts of sauce and oil make this dish an unhealthy choice. Total sodium in this type of meal is not suitable for most  people with diabetes  .

A better option: Food that you made yourself

474 calories, 39 grams of carbs

You can prepare the desired dish with  broccoli and  meat. Avoid high-fat noodles  and fried rice  . Try to use fresh vegetables in your meals and steam them on steam instead of frying. To get less sodium, don’t use soy sauce.