The best Android apps for rooted phones
rooted phones

The best Android apps for rooted phones

Android apps for rooted phones

If you are planning to install the best Android apps for rooted Android phones, we suggest you read the following article. In this article, we will introduce you to the best Android apps for rooted phones in the new year.

Rooted phones have several advantages, as they allow you to access the features and capabilities that professional manufacturers and designers have access to.

Number one, Greenify

Greenify is the first app on our list. This app can easily increase the battery life of the phone. This app can put background apps into hibernation. Greenify gives you options to hibernate apps and hibernate twice. Applications running in the background can easily drain the phone, so you should not allow services that you have never used to run in the background. Highlights of this program include Boost, Wake-up Tracker, Block App state (you must have Xposed installed to access these features), Disable system programs, and Enable sleep programs by sending a GCM message کرد.

Number Two, Rom Manager

Rom Manager is one of the best apps available for people who want to install new ROMs on their phones and use new versions of Android on their smartphones. This program provides a list of all the ROMs that you can install on your phone and allows you to download them through the above program. An approach that saves you a considerable amount of time. Notable features of this program include organizing and backing up and restoring Android, installing ROMs via memory card, managing ROMs through a handy user interface, and so on.

Number three, Titanium Backup Root

Titanium Backup Root is suitable for people who flash their phone regularly. The above program is one of the best options that you can use to back up your data and ROM. This program has several options that you can use to back up specific data and applications. Features include backing up and restoring text messages, MMS, calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP as XML, syncing to / from Dropbox, Google Drive, converting applications to a system, and vice versa, encrypting, creating a compressed file of applications And data, return programs and data, and so on.

Number four, Trickster Mod

Trickster Mod This app allows you to overclock your phone and gain power beyond the standard mode. An application that gives you several options to increase battery life. Features include CPU status display, CPU frequency display, advanced volume control, advanced gamma control for N4 via faux patch, bootloader for locking and unlocking without the need for quick boot, vibration adjustment, increased audio performance And …. pointed out.

Number five, Smart Booster

Do you feel that your phone is slow while playing games or you experience a time-consuming process when resetting your phone? If so, we suggest you try Smart Booster . This program goes to your phone’s main memory and clears the memory of unwanted background data and applications. Features include quick cache clearing, quick memory card wipe, memory card partition display, and advanced program manager.

Number six, Root Firewall Pro

Has your data bandwidth decreased? If so, the Root Firewall Pro program will show you the cause of the problem. With this program, you can block applications that use the Internet while allowing other applications to use the Internet. It even gives you options to separate 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Number seven, Link2SD

Link2SD is ideal for phones with little support for internal storage. The above program is used to transfer data of an application. Features of this program include connecting data and applications to the memory card.

Number eight, Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is one of the best file manager programs. This program provides you with two panels so you can easily transfer any file from one panel to another. It also gives you additional options for working with FTP.

Number nine, Root App Deleter

Root App Deleter helps you easily manage system applications. The best tool at your disposal compared to cleaning and management tools on Android systems. Features of this software include small, fast and executable on phones with low memory.

Number ten, Device Control

Device Control is able to control various capabilities of your phone and also provides you with additional capabilities such as program manager, editor, Tasker, Entropy Generator, Wireless Filemanager. It lets you monitor CPU and GPU frequency, reduce power consumption, adjust vibration, monitor charge voltage, configure fast voltage, and more.

Issue Eleven, Servicely

Servicely lets you end services or applications that you do not want running on your phone. It runs a simple service that runs every x second (60 seconds by default) and checks to see if the services you have selected have been activated twice on your phone.

Number twelve, System app remover

System app remover not only gives you the ability to uninstall system programs, but also provides a powerful uninstaller to easily remove programs on the memory card, transfer programs to the phone and scan the apk on the memory card. Install and uninstall.

Number Thirteen, Dumpster

Dumpster is an app that adds tab feature to your Android phone. When you install this program, it automatically saves all the data you have just deleted and backs up it. So that you can easily access and restore deleted photos and videos.

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