The best features of Android 12

Android 12
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The best features of Android 12; From better privacy control to UI changes

Under the pretext of releasing the first preview version of Android 12 for developers, in this article we are going to introduce the best features of Android 12.

In recent years, the Android operating system has received good new improvements. Any updates that are released generally improve the handset experience. The world search giant has now released the first preview version of Android 12 for developers, which reveals some interesting features. This version gives developers access to several more efficient APIs that can improve the overall stability of the Android operating system and add several new features.

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Android 12 codenamed “Snow Cone” is still more than 6 months away from the release of its stable version. However, the developer preview version boasts some of the best features of Android 12 that allow users to enjoy their phones more in the near future. Google will probably release the final version of the new Android on the same date this year, which released Android 11 last year.

The best features of Android 12

This version provides developers with many new features as well as several new APIs to make the Android ecosystem more user-friendly. In addition to the new material, this version has a lot for ordinary Android users. From new features to improved privacy and user interface changes following Google’s new Material NEXT design language, all can be seen in this developer demo. By reviewing this version, we will introduce the best features of Android 12 to you.

The best features of Android 12

New user interface – Material NEXT design language:  Google first unveiled the Material design language in 2014. It was a design language inspired by shadows and depth, and Google used it in all of its services. Then it’s time to use Material Design 2.0, and now Google’s new Material NEXT design language is on its way with some impressive improvements.

New notifications UI:  Notifications are an important part of the handset operating system. Many changes have been made to the Android 12 notification section with smooth changes. Google has also introduced a transparent background for this section. The icons will remain the same, but their color will change. In addition, the response and speed of notifications are improved compared to the previous version of Android.

The best features of Android 12

Settings panel:  There are several major changes in the settings section and some necessary corrections have been made. The buttons on this page have been enlarged for easier access. In addition, their layout is a bit similar to Samsung’s custom One UI. Maybe because of Google’s use of a blue background, we think so.

Lock screen:  If you use the template to open the screen, you will see a slight change in the lock screen. This page also contains a transparent background.

Optimized for larger screens: Google has optimized Android 12 for larger screens such as tablets, foldable devices, and TVs.

Wi-Fi sharing with the Nearby button

Android 12 One Step Ahead of Custom SkinHys Now allows Wi-Fi sharing to the people around you by pressing the Nearby button . Instead of sharing via barcode scanning, the user simply presses a button.

The best features of Android 12

Better screenshots

Android 12 offers improved editing options for screenshots. The latest editing tools allow you to add text, waves and stickers.

The best features of Android 12

Improved sound

Multi-channel audio: Android 12 supports MPEG-H, while audio mixers can support 24 channels.

Easy audio source selection: Android 12 improves audio player control via quick settings. The user can now stop playing from Spotify, YouTube and other players through the quick settings.

One-handed mode

Smartphones have gotten bigger and bigger, making it harder to use a handheld. As a solution, Android 12 will provide its users with the One-Handed mode , which is included in the One UI interface of Samsung and OxygenOS OnePlus.

Android updates via Google Play

As expected, Android Runtime, known as Project Mainline, finally made its way to the System Updates app. This means that Google allows different developers or companies to publish key updates through Google Play.

The best features of Android 12

Improve gestures

Another great feature of Google Android 12 is the improved full-screen gesture-based navigation feature, which has been improved in Android 12.

The best features of Android 12

Scrolling screenshots

Finally, a year after the first development in Android 11 for developers, a scrolling screenshot has appeared this time in the preview version of Android 12. This feature is exactly the same as the one in the UI interface of Samsung, OxygenOS OnePlus and Xiaomi MIUI.

Stackable widgets

Yes, iOS smart stacks have finally made their way to the preview version of Android 12. Users can enjoy multiple widgets with the same size and position on the page. This is an attractive and useful feature that will affect the Android ecosystem and can make widgets more useful.

Notification mode

This has been an important option from Android Orio so far, but how to use it has been very complicated. A snooze button has now been added to the new Android for easy access by users, which you can enable by going to Settings> Apps and notifications> Notifications> Allow notification snoozing.

Behind UI changes

Advanced cookie management

Android 12 also brings the SameSite cookie while using WebView. However, this type of cookie management is currently available for embedded browsers.

Heptic feedback in game categories

There have been rumors before that Android 12 comes with Game Mode. But it has not yet appeared in the trial version of Android 12. But another attractive feature for gamers in this version is the addition of hepatic feedback to the game categories. This allows users to feel the vibration in their gamepad while playing.

Advanced media encryption

Android 12 suggests that application developers use a local encoding key to take advantage of movie compression. This is a solution that Google is proposing to its developers to adapt their applications to new video compression standards such as HEVC.

AVIF image format

Like the Webp format for images, which saves more disk space and improves website speed, Google has introduced a new image format called AVIF. This image format is better than JPEG and offers higher quality but also smaller size.

The above list is just a part of the best features of Google Android 12, which will be officially released in the third quarter of 2021. We expect to see more changes in preview versions before the final stable version launches.

The best features of Android 12


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