The best natural sports drinks

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natural drinks

Sports drinks do not make you faster nor help you jump higher, but they only replace the fluids and nutrients you lost through sweating. But there are actually effective drinks. Drink a sip of water during a workout (dehydration can disrupt you), and try these drinks to see results.

  1. Cherry juice

Quantity:  2 1/2 cups

Best time to drink: Drink it every day the week before any sporting event such as a race (and of course, on the same day).

Characteristics of this drink: Athletes who drank cherry juice before a marathon experienced less pain after competition than those who did not drink this juice. The photochemicals in this drink reduce inflammation (and cherry juice helps you sleep an extra 90 minutes at night)

  1. Milk cream

Best time to drink: Right after endurance training

Quantity:  2-4 cups

Characteristics of this drink: The  protein in milk helps restore the muscles you have worked on. Calcium and vitamin D strengthen   bones and can help you burn more fat.

  1. Green tea

Best time to drink:  Daily as well as before exercise

Quantity:  3-4 cups



Characteristics of this drink: The caffeine in green tea will help you exercise for a longer period. And you can also burn more fat thanks to the catechin in it, which gives better results  during exercise.

  1. Lemonade with ginger

How much:  Add half a teaspoon of   ground ginger to a cup of lemonade.

Best time to drink:  Daily

Characteristics of this drink:  Ginger, which contains anti-inflammatory compounds, reduces muscle pain after exercise by about 25%.

  1. coffee

Amount:  Drink 3 to 4 cups before exercise.

Characteristics of this drink:  Caffeine increases stamina and delays fatigue  and impotence. It helps you to exercise more vigorously and for a longer time.