The best PlayStation 4 exclusive games

The best PlayStation 4 exclusive games

Exclusive games have been the most important reason to buy a console. The Xbox and PlayStation consoles have tried to persuade players to buy their consoles by releasing strong exclusive games. In the eighth generation, Sony was able to offer many exclusive games for its eighth generation console, the PlayStation 4, surpassing its rival. Some PlayStation 4 exclusive games are among the best eighth generation games, which is a great achievement for this company. Due to the large number of good games that are exclusive to the PlayStation 4, we have prepared a list for you and we will introduce the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games to make it easier for you to prepare your favorite game. If you have not yet purchased this console, we recommend the PlayStation 4 Buying Guide Read what is written in a completely specialized way to get your answers about buying this valuable console.

12- The Last Guardian
One of the positive points of the exclusive PlayStation 4 games is the very high variety in the style of these titles. The Last Guardian has a completely different style from other console games on this console, which makes it a very special game. This game, like the famous title Shadow of the Colossus, is directed by Mr. Fumito Ueda, and his main goal in this game is to tickle the emotions of the players. In this game, you will play the role of a boy who befriends a large, bird-shaped creature called “Tariko”. The main goal of this game is to portray the progress of your friendship with Tariko and advance the steps with him.

During the steps, you have to solve various puzzles and riddles in the form of a third person camera, and Tariko also plays an important role in solving some of these puzzles. The great thing about this part of the game is the powerful dark AI, and you feel like you are interacting with a real living creature. This bird sometimes does not listen to your instructions in solving puzzles, or in some scenes of the game, it is suddenly upset or happy. The creators have tried to turn Tariko into a living creature so that the player can act like a pet to train and train him and face many challenges. The atmosphere and atmosphere of the game have made the emotional scenes of the game more intense and evoke the emotions of each player.

If you are looking for a relaxing game that includes beautiful and unforgettable emotional scenes, The Last Guardian accomplishes this goal perfectly and can become one of your most special and different experiences in the eighth generation.

Best PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games – Ratchet and Clank

11- Ratchet and Clank
Ratchet and Clank is a proof that funny games with cartoon graphics can be as attractive and entertaining as the most budget games of the eighth generation. The game takes place in a completely imaginary world and the player plays the role of a cat-shaped creature called “Recht”. Recht aspires to help balance the galaxy and bring peace and justice by joining the Galactic Rangers, but his not-so-positive past has made joining the group a big challenge for him. It does not take long for Recht to become acquainted with a small robot called “Klank” and try to do good deeds with his help to be accepted by the Galactic Rangers group.

During the game, you have to defeat different threats in different stages in the form of a third person camera. The design of the game stages is amazingly beautiful and eye-catching, and the colors used in the game are so diverse that you feel like you are destroying your imaginary and funny enemies in a colorful canvas! There are so many different weapons in the game that when you use some of them, you can figure out funny and hilarious moments; For example, by firing one of the game weapons, you can force the enemies to dance, as all the enemies and bases of the game have their own dance! In addition to the action part, there are also puzzle parts that the clone has to do, which can inject good variety into the game.

If you are looking for a funny game that will bring you hours of fun with its colorful and funny action world, Ratchet and Clank is one of your best choices for this generation.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games – Days Gone

10- Days Gone
Horror and zombie-based games have countless fans on various platforms, so the release of an exclusive game in this genre for the PlayStation 4 console was not unexpected. Days Gone takes you to a world dominated by zombies, and players must use their motorbikes to explore the equipment they need to continue their adventure in a free-to-play environment.

The most attractive feature of this zombie-based game is the existence of a large number of zombie groups called Horde, the largest of which contains 900 zombies! That means you have to kill the 900 zombies that are running after you, which injects you with 100% excitement and adrenaline. This title faced a lot of criticism at the time of its release, but most of its bugs and technical problems have been fixed with various updates. While a considerable number of game missions are boring and repetitive, it does not detract from the overall excitement and appeal of the game. Although you are facing a world full of zombies, there are many people lurking to steal your ammunition and equipment by killing you; Therefore, when exploring the game world, you can not ride a motorcycle in peace even for a moment, because danger is always lurking in front of you!

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games – Horizon Zero Dawn

9- Horizon Zero Dawn
While apocalyptic games focus on zombies or robots, Horizon Zero Dawn implements a new idea and depicts a future apocalypse in which humans are back in the Stone Age! In the beautiful and eye-catching world of the game, you see large robots that have the shape of an animal, some of which even have large weapons on their bodies and if they find a player, they will shoot at you brutally. The interesting thing about the game is that the main weapon of the main character, “Ilavi”, is only a slingshot. The reason why humanity is living in a tribal style is one of the biggest secrets of the game that will be revealed at the end of the game.

The story of the game enjoys a lot of excitement and charm, and after finishing the game, the charms of this part will surely remain in the player’s mind for a long time. Your enemies in the game are not just giant robots, and tribal wars force you to fight humans. Perhaps one of the most fascinating parts of this title is the exploration of the extraordinarily beautiful world of the game. The game’s graphics are one of the parts that the creators have spent a lot of time on, and the result is the creation of very beautiful apocalyptic scenes. If you are looking for a different apocalyptic game with very strong graphics along with eye-catching environments, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most powerful eighth generation games in this field. Finally, Horizen Zero Dawn is arguably one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games in some respects, but it should be noted that the title has just been released for the PC platform.

Persona 5

8- Persona 5
Japanese role-playing games, or JRPGs, have their own fans and are not attractive enough for many players. This style of role-playing game usually develops in Japan and differs from ordinary role-playing games due to its special elements. Persona 5 is one of these games, but it is so attractive that it attracts even those who are not interested in Japanese games or turn-based combat. You start playing as a high school boy, and for the first few hours, you have to go to school and deal with a student’s specific problems.

After a while, this student realizes that he can use his power to penetrate the hearts of evil people and turn them into righteous people! Hence the game is divided into two parts; In one part you have to live your life as a high school student and in the other part you have to penetrate the hearts of evil people and in the form of turn battles, defeat various enemies to make them better human beings. It does not take long for these two parts to have a direct impact on each other, and over time, your actions in the imaginary world will have a profound effect on your life as a student. Although it takes about 80 to 100 hours to complete the game, the fascination of the stages and the story is quite upward and it does not take long for every player with any taste to be nailed to the chair.

This game can be considered the best JRPG of the eighth generation and one of the best JRPGs in the history of video games, and its experience is highly recommended for fans of role-playing style and story-driven games. If you have not been able to experience this game to date, you can get the newly released Persona 5 Royal and enjoy the long, new content it adds to the original game.

Exclusive PlayStation 4 Games – Dreams

7- Dreams
What if we could develop our favorite game with the details, story, characters, and graphics we want in the form of a fun game? Dreams game has the ability to develop any favorite game with the least possible knowledge of game development, and share it with other players! In this game, a story section is embedded, the main purpose of which is to show the capabilities that are available to you, and practically gives the player the message that the only limitation to building a game in Dreams is the creativity and ideas of the players! You can easily turn any pure idea you have into a game. This title has left you so free to make the game that to date, players have been able to develop titles in completely different genres in Dreams!

If you still doubt the power of Dreams in making your favorite game, know that someone has developed the whole world of Fallout 4 with the original graphics of the game, in Dreams! If you think you are not bored of making the game, you can enter the online section of Dreams and experience the games developed by other players for free, many of which are no different from a complete game. To not be confused, you can experience the games of Ruckus, The Pilgrim, Sonic Adventure Dreams Edition and Hat Kid’s Summer Vacation: Open World Edition created by the players in Dreams and be amazed by the high power of this game to make the game!

In the first part of this article, we introduced you to 6 games that are among the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games. In the next part, we will introduce the top 6 games in this list.