The best point-and-click games to experience

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If you are a fan of classic adventure and puzzle titles, you can get acquainted with some of the best point-and-click games in history.


In this article, we have introduced the best classic point and click games, works that still have a lot to say over the years.

The 90s are especially important for the gaming industry. While the golden age of role-playing and side-scrolling effects on consoles had begun, the best point-and-click games could only be experienced on PCs. These works became the source of inspiration for modern adventure action titles, while also being the founder of story-driven gameplay.

What made these games brilliant were not the revolutionary graphics or the million-dollar budgets, but everything down to first-rate texts, challenging puzzles, colorful characters, and innovative approaches to storytelling. Maybe that’s why most of the games of that era are still enjoyable.

The best point and click games

The genre is still popular, and new gaming friends should look for classic titles if they want to learn more. Although most of these games are more than two decades old, in terms of content and quality, they are about the size of modern works, and their attractions are equal to those of Thimbleweed Park or Kentucky Route Zero. Follow us to get acquainted with some of the best point-and-click games in history.

– King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

The best point and click games

The Kings Quest series has a long history in the gaming industry, and its first versions were released more than 4 decades ago. Since the 90’s, we could have selected many games for this list, but King’s Quest VI is a landmark work that brought the series to its peak.

Kings Quest 6 was released in 1992 and improved the mechanics of previous versions. The sound is great and the animations are smoother than before. The game also focuses more on player selections and has several different endings that make it worth repeating.

– The Neverhood game

The best point and click games

The game was released for PC in 1996 and captured the hearts of friends with its stunning visual effects. This memorable game used dough paste animation and is one of the best and funniest games of the 90’s in terms of stories and dialogues.

Some of the puzzles in the game are sometimes confusing, but with a little trial and error, you can overcome all obstacles. The story may have minor problems, but Klaymen is one of the most different heroes ever seen in the game world. Kleiman’s personality traits are as appealing as anyone, and anyone can relate to him. Unfortunately, the PlayStation port version of the game was only released in Japan, but the PC version is still available.

– Sanitarium game

The best point and click games

Clock Tower game in 1995 combined gesture, click and horror styles and was able to start a new chapter for this type of work. So when Sanitarium was released in 1998, it no longer seemed so revolutionary and innovative. However, the game was fantastic and he was even nominated for Best Game of the Year alongside Grim Fandango.

Compared to other games of the period, this work is still visually admirable and offers complex puzzles. But where Sanitarium performs best is in the story section; Both in terms of narrative and in terms of the methods used by the creators to surprise the audience. The mental health of Max’s character is gradually shaken, and the creators have used this issue more to design unique steps. This game sometimes gets too scary, which is obviously due to the atmosphere of the effect.

– The Longest Journey game

The best point and click games

One of the last point-and-click games of the twentieth century, which is a head and neck higher than most titles of that period in terms of visual effects. Thanks to various mods, HD textures of the game are also available, which brings it closer to modern works. Of course, the strength of the game is not limited to its graphics.

The story of the game is strangely deep and draws the audience to the end. The main character of the game is as attractive as the puzzles, and of course the puzzles may be a little difficult, but they are designed fairly. In recent years, acceptable sub-versions of The Longest Journey have been released, but fans are still waiting for the live sequel, which was confirmed in 2013 but does not appear to be ever released.

– The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

The best point and click games

Many game developers in the 90’s tried to use FMV (Full-motion video) technique in their games. This narrative style was based on pre-recorded videos. Fewer studios than Sierra Entertainment , meanwhile, have done this. Their use of FMV technology in the monster game of 1995 was literally revolutionary. This work also boasted the quality of Sierra Studio’s game-making.

The story of The Beast Within takes place a year after the events of the first part, and the improvement of the mechanics is noticeable. Players can interact with different items and will undoubtedly enjoy this different effect.

– Play Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis

The best point and click games

LucasArts Studios, a subsidiary of LucasFilm, had access to the licenses of some of the best films in history, and fortunately provided quality work. The studio’s games were satisfying, but in the meantime, Indiana Jones is a landmark and shows what an adaptation of the film should look like.

All elements of the game are well designed and the creators have paid special attention to detail. Also, the new story of the game is not less than the movie versions, and it seems that it is happening in the same world. In addition, the creators have succeeded in making good use of the jokes of Indiana Jones. Fans of this character must go to this game.

– Loom game

The best point and click games

At first glance, one might not notice that Loom was created by Lucas Arts, because it is completely different in terms of gameplay and content from other titles in this studio. From different angles, this game can be considered a trial and error project through which the creators have tried to present their innovative ideas.

The game ideas, however, are well put together and are not only effective but also help make the gaming experience enjoyable. We recommend Loom to those who are looking for a complex story.

– Full Throttle game

The best point and click games

The story and gameplay of this game may be acceptable, but the main character is the center of attention. Ben Trattel is an unforgettable character, he has memorable dialogues and the methods he uses to solve puzzles bring a smile to the player’s lips.

Anyone who experiences Full Throttle once will not forget it. A direct sequel to the game was supposed to be made but never reached the development stage. However, the remake was released in 2017 and is a good reason to try the original again.

– Sam & Max: Hit The Road

The best point and click games

Sam and Max was one of the first titles to feature fully voiced main characters, and Lucas Arts used all of his resources to offer one of the best point-and-click games in history. The use of professional voice actors also paid off and became one of the game’s strengths.

The sequels that were released several years later may be of better quality than the original, but they do not have that special feel. The lovely characters of Hit The Road can not be forgotten.

– Day Of The Tentacle game

The best point and click games

Tim Schafer popularized the idea of ​​”developing the game with the financial support of fans” and allowed independent studios to survive. Schaefer is also one of those who helped revive the point-and-click genre. He has worked on a number of major titles in the genre, including Day Of The Tentacle, released in 1993.

The story is about three friends who want to save the world from the hands of an evil monster. This game is totally weird but at the same time funny and lovely. Day Of The Tentacle may be short, but it’s worth it.

– Myst game

The best point and click games

It took two years to make this game, but the end result was fantastic. Myst was critically acclaimed and played by friends and became one of the best-selling computer games of those years. Finally, it was in 2002 that the Sims game managed to break its sales record.

If you take a look at the game’s graphics, it may be unbelievable that it was released in 1993. The story and gameplay of the work can not be overlooked as they do not have an expiration date.

– Beneath A Steel Sky game

The best point and click games

This adventure game was released in 1994 and still looks innovative. The story is about a man named Robert Foster who survives a helicopter crash as a child and is later found and raised by a number of locals. Robert gradually learns engineering and technology and eventually builds a talking robot called Joey.

The game’s graphics no longer have that former glory, but its sci-fi story takes you to the end. The sequel version of the game has also been released recently, which is not the same size as the original version.

– Grim Fandango game

The best point and click games

Grim Fendango is one of the most famous and best point-and-click games of the 90’s, which even casual friends have probably heard of. Manny’s adventures in the world of the dead take place in a way that we have rarely seen in the game world, and it is rare for you to interact with a skeleton so much.

By that time, Tim Schaefer had become a master of storytelling and had an extraordinary understanding of the genre of pointing and clicking, and of course his audience. It can be claimed that Grim Fandango game develops this genre and has received the highest scores, which shows its amazing quality.

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– Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars

The best point and click games

Studio Revolution Saftvr (Revolution Software) for the fifth Broken Sword, more than $ 1 million grant received by fans of the popular series of game shows.

The Shadows of the Templars is the first installment in the series, released in 1996 and still considered the best. You play George, an American tourist who travels to Paris but gets involved in strange adventures. This game is both clever and funny.

– Monkey Island game

The best point and click games

Finally, we come to Monkey Island, which is one of the most successful works of Lucas Arts Studios and one of the best point-and-click games in history. This series is still very popular and fans have been wishing for the release of its third part for years. Stories and puzzles will satisfy you, but the winner of the game is a special sense of humor that they play. The game’s graphics may seem a bit old now, but every gamer should experience the Monkey Island series at least once.

Which of the following is a list of the best point and click games? Let us know what you think.