The best puzzle games to strengthen the brain and memory

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Here are some of the best puzzle games to boost your brain and memory; Works that are both fun and useful.


In this article, we have introduced the best puzzle games to strengthen the brain and memory. If you are one of those people who want to put some pressure on their minds, you should go to the following topics.

Puzzle games, although usually have their own fans, are compelling effects that can keep anyone entertained for minutes or hours. These works come in a variety of forms, sometimes with a simple but efficient design and sometimes with a sophisticated and glamorous look.

The best puzzle games to strengthen the brain

But puzzle games have another important feature, and that is that they are good for your brain and memory. In these titles, you may have to think long and hard to solve a relatively complex puzzle and use all your mental power to get through the puzzle. This will gradually improve your brain function and your problem-solving skills.

– The Professor Layton Collection

The best puzzle games

Professor Leighton’s popular character at Level-5 Studios has been a puzzle star for many years. Professor and his assistant Luke have had some interesting adventures in different areas and have revealed many secrets.

All parts of this series have one thing in common, and that is clever puzzles. You can experience this series of games on Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and smartphones, which are undoubtedly the most suitable platforms for puzzles.

– Game Gorogoa

The best puzzle games

Gurugua is so visually appealing that sometimes you spend minutes watching its pictures instead of solving them. The game has innovative puzzles and its hand-drawn visual effects give new life to the gameplay and impress the players.

In Gorogoa, to cross the puzzles, you must connect a number of images correctly. The detail of the images is what makes this game a special effect. You can also zoom in and out of the pictures and examine them carefully to solve the puzzles.

– Play Baikoh

The best puzzle games

A mobile game that actually combines the ideas and elements of the Tetris and Scrabble game series . The focus of this work is on word puzzles. On the screen, a number of letters appear gradually and randomly, and the player must use these letters to create a word. To succeed in the game of Baiko, in addition to high speed of action, you must have a good knowledge of English and know a lot of words. If you can not create the word, the page will be filled with different letters and you will fail.

Baikoh also has a narrator who taunts the player and jokes with him. The user interface of the work is based on colored objects and different shapes and can satisfy the audience of this type of work. Once again, if you want to get into this game, your English must be good.

– Baba Is You game

The best puzzle games

Baba Izu game uses pixel graphics and has a minimal appearance, but it is extremely challenging. You play the role of a white four-legged creature who must try and overcome obstacles. Puzzles are usually an important part of adventure titles, but in Baba Is You, puzzles are the only way to progress in the game.

To be clear, the only way to succeed in the game is to manipulate the rules. That is, being on the cover of playable objects and, finally, finding a solution. The game may seem a little childish, but do not let its simplicity fool you, the puzzles gradually become very difficult and make the audience think. To succeed in this game, you have to think hard and try and make mistakes.

– Picross Collection

The best puzzle games

The Picras game series forces players to use their logic and intelligence, but at the same time, it is not annoying and it is a relaxing effect that makes the audience feel good. To do the puzzles in this series, you need to learn the basics to make things easier.

Most Picross games can be experienced on the Nintendo Switch. These works also have a guide section and teach you important points. In addition, you can find similar titles of this game on smartphones. Another positive point of this series is its music, which always makes the players feel better.

– Ace Attorney triangle

The best puzzle games

So far, many parts of the Ace Attorney series have been made, but the main trilogy has a special place and has been released on most consoles and smartphones. Although this series has a lot of fans, but at the same time, there are many gamers who have never heard of it.

The game takes place in court and you play the role of a lawyer named Phoenix Wright who has to examine the testimonies of witnesses and compare the evidence and clues in order to prove the innocence of the suspect. The Ace Attorney trilogy offers many innovative puzzles and its exciting story takes you to the end. You can experience this trio on PC (Steam) or Nintendo Switch.

– Game Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The best puzzle games

If you enjoy Professor Leighton or Ace Etherny and are looking for something different or want to experience these two series at the same time, you should check out Professor Layton Vs. Go Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which is a fascinating and surprising crossover.

The game combines the lovely puzzles of the Professor Leighton series with the court environment of the Ace Attorney series, and is an ambitious effect that is sometimes overly exciting. Unfortunately, this game is only available for the Nintendo 3DS console.

– Linelight game

The best puzzle games

Linelight is a simple yet beautiful puzzle game. You have to help a small light to cross various obstacles and reach the destination. This game is relaxing and although you can play it for hours, we recommend that you go for it at times when you want to have fun for a few minutes.

The gameplay mechanics are completely straightforward and the puzzles of your effect will satisfy you. No matter how much time you spend playing Linelight, you will always be satisfied with the steps.

– Portal collection

The best puzzle games

Portal series has always had a special place in the list of the best puzzle games in history and it is an effect that the passage of time has no effect on its quality. From creative puzzles to special environments, this game will never be repeated, even if you start over and over again. As the name implies, you can open different portals and the key to solving puzzles is in these portals.

Portal 1 is relatively short and mostly introduces the ideas of the game, but the second part improves these ideas well and flourishes its potential. Fans of puzzle works and those who want to strengthen their brains must experience the Portal. Puzzles are also not difficult and with a little thought, you can overcome any obstacle. This collection is available on most platforms, including smartphones.

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– Helltaker game

The best puzzle games

Hell Ticker is a free standalone game where you have to go through various stages of hell to talk to evil girls. The main attraction of the game in visual effects is that it has helped the elements and characters to show themselves well.

In each stage, you have to reach your goal with a limited number of moves, and of course, every move you make changes that stage; Therefore, your every move is of special importance! And as mentioned above, your main goal is to meet evil girls! This funny game is released for PC only and is completely free. You can download it now from Steam.

Which titles on the list of the best puzzle games have you experienced? Let us know what you think.


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