The best short games you should experience
short games

The best short games you should experience

Not all fun games are long. In the following, you can get acquainted with some of the best short games that are completed in less than 5 hours.


In this article, we have introduced the best short games; Works that do not take much time but at the same time will be memorable and memorable.

Some genres usually accept short titles, and at the same time, some genres, due to their structure and elements, only include long works. The game developer is also important, obviously independent and indie creators offer short games because they do not have enough conditions and budget to develop a large and long effect. This also applies to add-on packages. Of course, over the years, we have also had many AAA short games that have been criticized by fans. However, anyone who pays $ 60 for a title expects to be able to entertain them for at least a good while.

Introducing the best short games

If you do not have the patience or time to complete a great 40-hour game, you should look for works that do not take more than four or five hours. Currently, there are many short titles on Xbox GamePas or Steam that are also offered at low prices and will undoubtedly entertain you. We have selected a number of them for this article.

Thanks to the statistics and data from the How Long To Beat site , we know how long it takes to finish each game. This site provides good information for the audience, including how long it will take to complete a sub-mission if you want to complete sub-missions. In this article, we have considered the average time obtained from different gaming styles. This means that if you want to play faster, the following titles will end even sooner.

– I Love You, Colonel Sanders

  • Time required to complete: one and a half hours

One of the surreal and very short titles of 2019, made by Psyop Studio and has many fans. This romantic relationship simulator game is actually a promotional tool for restaurants and fast foods, and its publisher is the KFC restaurant chain! This game is definitely made in continuation of the popularity of relationship simulation titles to be able to attract the audience. With these interpretations, you might think that you are dealing with a worthless and ordinary effect, but this game is much better than you expect.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders game uses the anime graphic style in the best possible way and uses good humor. Its shortness also helps it not to be boring and to keep its funny atmosphere until the end. This game ends in less than 90 minutes and you can download it for free from the Steam platform.

– Gone Home game

  • Time required to complete: two hours 

Gan Home is one of those storytelling that leaves players in an environment that allows them to surf the game as they wish. In this first person play, you play the role of a student who returns home after a year away and now sees that none of the family members are present at home. From now on, it’s up to you to find the clues and discover the secrets of the game, including where your family is.

Gone Home game has a slow rhythm, but it has an impressive and sad story, and you are immersed in its world. If you are looking for a fun game that is not too time consuming, Gun Home can be a great option.

Jumanji: The Video Game

  • Time required to complete: two hours 

This action-adventure game is relatively limited; Even though it bears the name of a popular collection like Jumanji. This title has only 4 stages and you can finish it in two hours.

Designed for an online multiplayer experience, this game has a lot of potential, although not an ideal effect. If you want to complete Jumanji 100%, you have to spend about 6 hours, but this is not recommended because upgrading the characters is not very important and even boring.

– Journey game

  • Time required to complete: 2 hours 

According to many, one of the most beautiful and relaxing games in history. Journey may end soon, but it is great in every way and will be remembered for a long time. You go on a short trip in the desert with an adventurous character and along the way, you will encounter other adventures. You can help others but you are not allowed to talk to them.

It takes a maximum of 2 hours to complete this game, but it will be worth it. The good music of the game and its visual effects can not be overlooked. This small work won many awards and is a clear example of a successful independent game.

– The Novelist game

  • Time required to complete: two and a half hours 

A novelist named Dan Kaplan took his family on a journey to improve his relationship with them and, of course, to overcome his inability to write. Your job is to impress his family and lead them in different directions. The game can be played in two ways, the story model where you get your information by reading the characters’ heart and the secret model in which you should not be seen and you should listen to the characters from a distance.

The Novelist is an adventure and story-driven game that you will probably be upset when it ends soon. The game has been criticized for its limited finishes, but few have regretted the experience.

– The Stanley Parable game

  • Time required to complete: two and a half hours 

“Stanley Story” is actually a walking simulator that was originally one of the ingredients of Half-Life 2. The player has to explore the environment and a narrator accompanies him on this path and will help the audience. You can listen to the narrator’s instructions or disobey him.

The decisions you make are also very influential and change the course of the story. This game uses 10 different endings that have increased the value of repetition. It takes about 2 and a half hours to reach each of these ends.

– Game Among The Sleep

  • Time required to complete: two and a half hours

Among The Sleep is a survival-style action-adventure game that uses a first-person camera and is sometimes too scary. You play the role of a young child who, along with his teddy bear, must escape from the monsters.

You can not defeat the monsters, but must hide and let them pass you. These issues have caused this work to be very suspenseful and put a lot of stress on the audience. You can finish this game in less than three hours, but you will enjoy every second of it.

– What Remains Of Edith Finch

  • Time required to complete: two and a half hours

This first-person game forces you to explore, and very soon, you will be at the center of the story and its atmosphere. You need to search the home of Edith Finch and get the information he wants. Aidath believes that an old spell is destroying his family and must be broken.

The events of the game take the audience to the end and sometimes it becomes unexpected. What Remains Of Edith Finch has won many awards for its storyline and is worth a try.

– Untitled Goose Game

  • Time required to complete: three hours 

No one thought that a work centered on a goose could make such a fuss and appear so popular. Most of the titles mentioned above are very serious, but if you want a funny little game, this effect will meet all your needs. The audience plays the role of a goose, and they must destroy the city and, of course, avoid the anger of the inhabitants.

Untitled Goose Game is fun and lasts for three hours. Of course, if you want to challenge yourself and create new turmoil, you can continue.

– Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

  • Time required to complete: three and a half hours 

The Metal Gear set is always long and you have to spend a lot of time on it. But if you want to have a brief experience of this series or you are one of those who have not played this secret action series yet, the Ground Zeroes version can be satisfying. The game ends in less than four hours, but you can spend more time if you want.

This game is actually a prelude to the original version and can even be described as a trial version. If you’ve heard a lot about Hideo Kojima but have not seen his projects up close, Grand Ziroz can introduce you to his style of acting.

– I Am Bread game

  • Time required to complete: three and a half hours 

This physics-based puzzle game tells the adventures of a bread that wants to be tested! Like other works by Bossa Studios, this game is in the comic genre and at the same time, it is very short. Those who have a high ability to solve the puzzle will finish the game in a shorter time.

The main storyline of the game takes about two and a half hours, and if you do the challenges and side missions, you will finally finish this effect in less than four hours.

– Game Gris

  • Time required to complete: four hours   

“Grace” is a work that everyone understands because it does not use text and dialogue to tell the story. This game has good stories and puzzles and is very beautiful and offers great visual effects. The story of the game is about the sadness that a young girl experiences and these emotions are presented so powerfully that they bring to life the sense of empathy in the audience.

Grace was critically acclaimed and played by friends, and no list of the best short games would be complete without it.

– Little Nightmares game

  • Time required to complete: four hours  

Another brilliant work that combines platformer style with horror and most gamers have heard its name. In Little Knights, you play Six, a young girl who must escape an eerie ship and try her best not to be killed by its crew.

Little Nightmares takes 4 hours to complete at best. If you have done that, you can go to the second part that was recently published.

– Portal game

  • Time required to complete: four hours  

Portal series does not need to be introduced and we recommend that all game friends go to it. But the point that is less noticed is the shortness of the first version, which is more like a trial version for the second part than a full game. However, it can satisfy fans of puzzle titles and is undoubtedly one of the best short games in history.


– Oxenfree game

  • Time required to complete: five hours

Axon Fairy is a unique game that we have rarely seen a similar example. This brilliant work from Night School Studios is in the genre of enigmatic adventure and tells the story of a young girl who goes to visit her friends on a mysterious island, an island where strange things happen next.


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Oxenfree combines interesting elements and while dealing with the common problems of teenagers, it also has elements of horror science fiction movies of the eighties that put a lot of stress on the audience. For those who are interested in supernatural works, this game can be a fun short experience.

Which titles on the list of the best short games have you experienced? Let us know what you think.