The best space games you should experience
space games

The best space games you should experience

If you are looking for works through which you can explore space, then you can get acquainted with the best space games.


In this article, we have introduced the best space games; Titles that take you to distant planets and galaxies.

Elite was released in 1984 and was a revolutionary work that allowed audiences to travel through space. Over the years, other great space style titles have been released that will take you deep into space.

The best space games

There are many space games, each of which is made with a specific approach. Some of them are fictional and linear, and some of them do not have a specific story and give you a lot of freedom. It was certainly not possible to cover all of these works in this article, so if your favorite game is not on this list, it does not mean that it is of lower quality. Our main focus is on topics that allow you to explore and are broader.

– Play Outer Wilds

The best space games

Inspired by the movie Groundhog Day and the idea of Time Loop , this game has been able to offer a different experience compared to other space titles. In Outer Wilds, you only have 22 minutes to search the solar system and planets, and then everything starts from the beginning. In each time cycle, new clues are given to you so that you can solve the riddle of each stage and finally you can prevent the sun from exploding.

Although the game focuses on action and adventure, the creators have not neglected to inject other elements. In addition to completing missions, the main character tries to understand a category such as “loneliness” and you will encounter different philosophical themes. In addition, the puzzles of the work have been cleverly designed and considered.

– Play EVE Online

The best space games

Ive Online was released in 2003, and after 18 years, not only is there no sign of a decline in quality, but thanks to the efforts of the creators and numerous updates, the effect is getting bigger and more exciting every year. In this vast space game, you can travel between planets and galaxies and do a variety of things, from generating and trading resources to exploring and fighting; You can even get into politics.

Audiences can compete with other players (PvP) or fight with environmental elements (PvE). If you are interested in space and science fiction, EVE Online offers everything you need, but do not forget that the effect is extremely complex. In fact, it takes hundreds of hours to learn its mechanics. EVE Online is great, and even after playing for thousands of hours, you may not be able to travel to all parts or learn all the details. Needless to say, this effect is free, but you must purchase a monthly subscription to access all the features.

– Kerbal Space Program game

The best space games

The game of Karbala space program seems childish at first glance, and it may be thought that it is a cartoon space effect that does not follow reality. But in fact, this game is scientifically one of the most accurate and correct space simulators of the last few years. By the way, the game was developed in collaboration with NASA.

Your task is to create your own space plan and use green space creatures to achieve your goals. Building a launch pad and rocket is one of the things you need to do, and with the help of a realistic physics engine, everything works out very naturally. Kerbal Space Program also uses special modes, including searching for and tracking asteroids inspired by real-world NASA missions.

– Mass Effect collection

The best space games

It can be said with certainty that Copper Effect is one of the best role-playing games in history and has many fans. From a great epic story and the ability to personalize guns to the right to choose and even romantic relationships, this game will satisfy any audience, even those who are not very interested in space and science fiction titles. The game also has a lot to offer for those who want to explore space, although you will not have the freedom expected of sandbox titles.

The three main parts of this game series are directly related to each other and your decisions in the first part will affect the events of the second and third parts. Maybe this fascinating and continuous approach is enough to attract your attention to experience this series, of course, if you are interested in story-driven titles.

In the main trilogy, you take on the role of Commander Shepard, a skilled soldier who must fight creatures called Reapers and not allow them to destroy the world. If you have not been to this trilogy yet, we recommend that you wait for the release of the Legendary Edition, which has actually remade and improved all three episodes. The remaster is set to be released in the next few months for eighth, ninth and console consoles.

– Game Stellaris

The best space games

Australis is the best choice for those interested in space strategy titles. The focus of the game is on building new civilizations that are usually involved in diplomacy and interplanetary wars.

The interesting thing about the game is that the missions depend on the nature and type of your empire. You can create a colony that is nothing but an invasion and increases its power by conquering planets and regions, or you can take a peaceful path and gain power through technological advances and resource gathering. It all depends on the player how he wants to progress. Stellaris is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

– Strike Suit Zero game

The best space games

Dogfight fights (a term for direct combat between two planes or spaceships) have always been exciting in space, and if in doubt, we recommend trying the Zorro whistle strike. This game is a fight in connection with the great war between space colonies and is inspired by series such as Star Wars and Elite.

From the fast-paced and crowded battles of the game, the details of the environment and spaceships are wonderful and amaze the audience. Strike Suit Zero has been released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

– Destiny 2 game

The best space games

Dastini 2 is relatively different from the other titles on this list, and instead of a modern sci-fi world, it puts you in a unique world close to Dune novels. In this part, you play the role of guards and you have to save the world from foreign powers once again. You can play as a team, complete various missions and destroy enemies. The game has three different classes: Hunter, Wizard and Titan, each of which you can choose according to your style of play. Each of the classes has a subset, and this has significantly increased the diversity of the work.

Bungie Studios continues to expand the world of Destiny 2, adding a variety of stories, weapons, and equipment. You can experience this free game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and PlayStation 5.

– Observation game

The best space games

Absorption is a puzzle adventure game that can also be described as a “space trailer”. The story takes place on a space station, at a time when most of the planet’s population is extinct. You manage the station’s artificial intelligence, and in addition to solving various puzzles, you must be in search of rescued crew members.

Observation, developed by No Code Studios, is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

– FTL game: Faster Than Light

The best space games

The game was created with the financial support of fans on the Kickstarter site and combines elements of strategy and Roguelike in a brilliant way. You are in charge of managing a spaceship whose crew members have important information. It is the players’ job to get the ship to its destination and not allow this information to fall into the hands of the rebel forces.

In this challenging journey, you can hire new members and upgrade the ship. Compared to classics such as Firefly and Star Trek, this exciting game has only been released for PC.

– Star Wars: Squadrons game

The best space games

Squadrons play gives the audience the feeling that they are a real pilot in the world of Star Wars. This work was created by Motive Studios and allows you to play the role of the pilot of the New Republic and the Galaxy Empire. In this pilot simulation game, controlling different spaceship systems and the player’s ability to maneuver are as important as attacking skills. In order to be able to get around well and efficiently, you need to learn how to manage your speed, and you need to practice to achieve the necessary skills.

Star Wars: Squadrons is more story-driven than most of the titles on this list, and its adventures take place after the events of Return of the Jedi. The story section will satisfy you, but the strength of the game is the multiplayer online section, which challenges the players’ skills. Squadron is now available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series and PlayStation 5.

– Play Elite: Dangerous

The best space games

Older gamers are familiar with the Elite series, and we usually see it in the list of the best space games. The classic versions focused on trade and flight simulation and were of good quality, but the dungeon version started a new chapter and has an unexpected breadth. You are in an infinite space world and you are faced with a work that has no end and can entertain you for hundreds of hours. This game, similar to Eve Online, allows you to trade, gather resources and engage in exciting space battles. But unlike the effect, which has a lot of complexity, Elite: Dungeons is relatively simple and you can learn its mechanics very quickly.

Elite Dangerous game has been released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and you can buy it from the Steam platform at a reasonable price. The thing to keep in mind about this game is that it has a slow rhythm overall and you will spend a lot of time traveling to different areas. So before you go for it, see if you are a patient player.

Which titles on the list of the best space games have you experienced? Let us know what you think.