The best WiFi finder apps for Android and iOS

best WiFi finder apps

best WiFi finder apps

You are in a public place and you want to connect to the internet with your personal laptop, it does not matter if this public place is indoor or outdoor, in any case you need a network Find available public WiFi or hotspots that connect to the Internet. Although it may seem simple to turn on a laptop and search for a network, this can be time consuming. Instead, you can easily and quickly see if there is a network near you using a Wi-Fi browser app on your smartphone.

Wi-Fi hotspots are more popular these days than in previous years. You can find them in libraries, restaurants, coffee shops and many other public centers. A Wi-Fi browser can quickly show you a list or map of local Wi-Fi hotspots, determine how far away they are from you, and whether the connection They are free or need a special password or account. By default, a Wi-Fi browser app only detects hotspots within a certain range of your current location. But you can search a wider range of local Wi-Fi networks.

Suppose you travel to another city and want to know what hotspots are available in this new place. You can easily find your destination by searching the map on the page of this application and then see what networks you can access. There are many WiFi browser apps for both Android and iPhone platforms. In the following, we will try to take a look at a few different applications that can help you find public Wi-Fi networks in the future.

Wi-Fi browser apps for iPhone

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

This free app from Avast vendor security group provides you with a map that allows you to identify hotspots in the US and other regions. By default, the app automatically focuses on your current location, but you can scroll through the map to select another area, or type the address of the location in the search field. do. After that, Avast will show you a list of all available hotspots. Tap on one of them to tell you in addition to the network name whether you need to log in to connect.

Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi Map also shows a map of hotspots close to your current location or any area you visit. Hitting a hotspot name displays details about it. Downloading this application is free. But if your distance to the destination is too long, to use additional features, you should get the professional version of this application, which costs $ 5 and can provide all the details of each hotspot. Provide you in any location.

Wi-Fi browser apps for Android phones

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Yes, in addition to the iPhone platform, this application also offers a special version for Android users. The Android version of this app works similarly to the iPhone version. You can use it to search for local hotspots and see which ones are free and which are password protected. You can also explore other areas of interest with the existing map or with the built-in search tool. This application also offers an offline mode that you can download related maps of hotspots in any country without the need to connect to the Internet to get information about them.

Wi-Fi Finder

This application is provided for free by JiWire. Wi-Fi Finder offers a variety of options. In addition to public hotspots, you can find private networks by scanning your neighborhood. Using the map embedded in this application or the available search tool, you can also find other places you intend to travel to. It is also possible to download a database from other additional areas. By tapping on a private network, you can connect to it if you know its password. Taping on a public hotspot also shows you its location and tells you if you can access it for free.

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