The Complete Personal Development Course - 22 Courses in 1 2020-5

The Complete Personal Development Course – 22 Courses in 1 2020-5


The Complete Personal Development Course – 22 Courses in 1, is a set of comprehensive personal development training courses including 22 different courses. With over 54 hours of instructional video and nearly 300 training sessions, this course series is one of the largest in the field of personal development.

During this course you will cover a variety of topics such as psychology, persuasion strategies, communication skills, REBT therapy for reprogramming your brain, NLP therapy, ZEN therapy techniques, time management, leadership skills, networking skills, motivation Finding, facing difficult people, Coping skills, stress management, customer service, parenting skills, physical and mental health, freedom from pain, turning pain and suffering into opportunity, Overcoming anxiety, overcoming depression, you will learn the key principles of success and life skills.

What you will learn in The Complete Personal Development Course – 22 Courses in 1:

  • Free yourself from emotional pain and frustration by discovering how emotions really work and how to gain control over them.
  • Unravel personal illusions and unleash your hidden potentials
  • Learn how to drive motivation and the key to success
  • Understand how your whole life is planned during the Imprint Period and how we can reschedule ourselves.
  • Understand how joy and pain govern your life and learn how to use this pleasure-pain system

Course specifications

Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 283
Duration: 53 hours and 48 minutes


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Course topics:



Course prerequisites:

No experience required
Suitable for everyone!




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