The design of the iPhone 13 will probably be the same as the iPhone 12

iPhone 13

design of the iPhone 13

According to renderings of Apple’s flagship 3D models in 2021, the design of the iPhone-iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S will apparently remain the same as the iPhone 12.


It’s only been a few months since the release of the flagship iPhone 12 series, and yet, it seems that after the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S21, Apple fans are now more and more waiting for the company’s new flagship for 2021.

There have been many rumors about the iPhone 13 during this time, which some call the iPhone 12S, but no official information is available yet.

IPhone 13 design

However, along with these rumors, new renderings of Apple’s next flagship 3D images have been leaked that illustrate its design, and as can be seen in the images above, it seems that there is not much difference between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, at least in appearance. .

Of course, the diameter of the iPhone 13 seems a bit larger, and the big change that catches the eye of every user at first glance is the removal of the Lightning port for charging and data transfer. This is a big move by Apple, which, like removing the charger inside the box of the iPhone 12, may initially face a lot of dissent and be followed by other companies in the future; As of now, there is no news about the charger inside the box of Galaxy S21 series phones, and the excuse is the use of less plastic and the smaller box.

IPhone design - iPhone 13 or the same as iPhone 12S

However, this move may again lead to the cheapness of the iPhone 13; Because by not inserting a piece and adding to other features, the base model of the iPhone 13 or the same 12S may be announced as something around $ 700. It should also be noted that the difference between the charging speed of the phone with Magusif and Lightning cable is not very big and there is only a difference of 5 watts, which will probably be upgraded in the next generation of flagships. For data transfer, using 6E Wi-Fi will be faster than USB cable, which may be Apple’s future excuse to remove the Lightning port from phones.

Apart from this, another noteworthy point in these images is the inclusion of a smaller notch in the design of the iPhone 13, which will probably mean upgrading the Face ID system and adding a fingerprint sensor under the screen. Of course, information about Apple’s contract with another company has not been released regarding the supply of parts related to this sensor (which, if used, will definitely be of the ultrasonic type), and Qualcomm is expected to be involved in this issue.

IPhone design - iPhone 13 or the same as iPhone 12S

Plus, apparently despite the larger diameter of these flagships, the iPhone 13’s battery capacity remains the same as its design, and the camera structure of the phone is not going to see significant improvement. However, this is a little different for the Pro Max model and we will have to wait until the official announcement.

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