Download the documentary Britain's Most Historic Towns 2018
Most Historic Towns

Download the documentary Britain’s Most Historic Towns 2018

Documentary of Britain’s Most Historic Towns

Synopsis: Britain’s Most Historic Towns is a new six-part documentary produced and released by SBS in 2018. The average duration of each episode is sixty minutes. The series is hosted by British Professor Alice Roberts. Through his research, Professor Alice Roberts considers the history of England and Great Britain to be rich and unique from any history, and by examining the old and diverse stories of the cities of this country, he intends to study the antiquity and history of Britain.

In each part of the collection, the professor examines and discovers the part that is a great key to discovering the history and antiquity of many facts. This documentary takes a full look at past lives in British cities and shows a minute-by-minute simulation of the lives of these people. In scenes from the movie using advanced CGI technology, we will have a look at the cities of our past.

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Most Historic Towns

Documentary Name: Britain’s Most Historic Towns

Year of publication: 2018

Duration: An average of 60 minutes per episode

Size: 1.10 GB per episode on average

Quality: 720p HDTV


English language

English subtitles: is



Professor Alice Roberts explores the UK’s past, focusing on six key eras by exploring the stories of towns which best illustrate each.

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  • File size: 1.10 GB per episode on average
  • Release Date: 2018