The firefighting robot goes to battle with fire

The firefighting robot goes to battle with fire

In the age of technology, the number of ligaments that do different things instead of humans is increasing day by day. Extinguishes the fire.Stay tuned to media soft

In the New Year, Australia, due to its special weather, causes frequent fires in different parts of the country. Go to the fire with more power.

The new technology, called TAF 20, was unveiled last Thursday by the Australian Minister of Emergency Services and the New South Wales Chief of Fire and Rescue. This ligament has the ability to shoot a stream of water with a range of 90 meters and also to spray the floor up to 60 meters. In addition to these capabilities, it has a built-in technique to remove smoke from a room that has caught fire.




The robot, for which the mayor of New South Wales paid $ 222,131 for the purchase, will be kept in Alexandria to be used when needed, according to New South Wales Fire and Rescue Chief Mullins.


Day by day, we are witnessing the role of various ligaments in human life. Do you think that it is good for this to become more prominent in advanced societies or does it have negative effects? !!!