The Foundry Katana 3.6v2 x64

The Foundry Katana 3.6v2 x64

Foundry Katana is the  name of a specialized software in the field of lighting, a product of the well-known Foundry Group. The software in front of you brings you working conditions in a very efficient way in order to provide very professional lighting. With this software, you will fully manage the domain and creative scalability. The new features of this software have been created by USD Hydra Pixar technology. With these features, you can design very complex scenes. This software also benefits from excellent loading and processing. Despite this feature, your speed of action increases dramatically.

Katana software helps you focus more on creativity. Also, the graphics of this software have a very high flexibility. You can also use this software to carry out your work in a group and managed. You can share your work with your friends at any time. On the other hand, by using this software, you will have the role of the final decision maker. Also, despite the instructions in this software package, you will eventually be able to finish your work correctly.

Features and specifications of Foundry Katana software:

  • Benefit from very powerful graph nodes
  • Manage and increase the productivity of your work and project by using the Live Groups feature
  • You will perform your operations in accordance with existing laws and standards
  • Significantly increase the speed of your work and save your working time
  • Has a modern and powerful display with new PIXAR USD Hydra technology
  • Benefit from a set of tools for producing focused light

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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