The Galaxy S10’s Instagram Mode feature has been disappointing

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10’s Instagram

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and two other models in this family are equipped with a dedicated mode for quick use of Instagram. But according to user feedback, the Galaxy S10 Instagram mode does not work well.


Given the rapid growth of Instagram, it is unlikely that this social network will soon become the largest social network in the world, beating Facebook. As a result, more and more tools are being developed for it. Its popularity is so great that even a big phone maker like Samsung has developed a unique feature for Instagram in its flagship!

Activity on Instagram with Samsung Galaxy S10

Earlier, we heard about the existence of a special Instagram mode in the Samsung Galaxy S10 , Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10E, thanks to which it is possible to create a story directly through the camera app of these three phones! It was also announced that, thanks to software manipulations, content with the highest possible resolution will be uploaded to Instagram while using Samsung’s new flagships.

Now Instagram Samsung Galaxy S10

But after working with the phone, users were disappointed with this feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The resolution of the stories when sending them directly through the camera app is much lower and the image resolution of normal posts while sending using this phone is no different from other smartphones. The quality of the images and videos was even lower compared to the content shared by the iPhone XS!

Don’t forget that the philosophy of the story is to quickly send the smallest events of your life to your friends, so any process that speeds it up is admirable. Thanks to the new software feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of smartphones, it is possible to upload the Instagram application directly to the camera, after editing the video or image, without having to open the Instagram application. But here the speed is sacrificed for quality and your story will be sent with low quality.

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