Compare the dimensions of the Galaxy S21 family with the S20 and iPhone 12

Galaxy S21
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Under the pretext of approaching the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, we will compare the dimensions of the Galaxy S21 family with the S20 and iPhone 12.

There is not much time left until the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S21 family of phones. In fact, you can touch the spring ahead of you up close with the new Samsung phones. Samsung will unveil a modified design with its new handsets to provide the best screen-to-body aspect ratio in its class. First of all, we will have a flat edge with a gentle slope that makes the back cover look like a separate piece from the front bezel. The second is the camera island, which is proudly present in the upper left corner of the back cover.

Samsung’s goal in modifying the Infinity-O display design was to reduce the chin below the display to integrate the protrusion of the rear cameras with the sides of the phone. This has led to an integrated design. That’s why Samsung has named the new Galaxy S21 front cover design Blade Bezel and Blade Display.

The term Blade can refer to the flat design of the edges of the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra with a different camera island. But it is more likely that Samsung will refer to the front panel and remove as much of the margins below the screen as possible.

Comparing the dimensions of the Galaxy S20 with 21 – S20 Plus with 21 Plus

To achieve uniformity, Samsung has had to slightly thicken the overall edges around the body. Meanwhile, only the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a relatively curved display, and the other two models have flat panels. In other words, although Samsung has reduced the chin below the display to 2 mm, but due to the fact that the area is where the display connector connects, it has increased the frame margins of the other corners of the S21 and S21 Plus.

This has created a new symmetrical mode around the display bezel that combines a flat screen, making the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus phones wider than previous versions. The Galaxy S21 will measure 151.7 by 71.2 by 8 mm, while the Galaxy S20 will measure 151.7 by 69.1 by 7.9 mm.

We look forward to meeting the new Samsung Galaxy S series handsets and their integrated Infinity-O full screen design.

Comparing the dimensions of Galaxy S21 with 21 Plus – S21 Ultra with 20 Ultra

We now know that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be equipped with a 6.8-inch curved display with QHD + resolution. Although the display of this phone is not uniform like the two models S21 and S21 Plus, but instead of those two phones, it is not necessary to increase the margins of the screen and the overall width of the device to provide a uniform design.

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The latest information and images of the Galaxy S21 Ultra have been revealed

We prefer the edges of this screen to be curved, because due to the large size of the phone, it makes it easier to hold. Due to its flat design, it is difficult to hold the S20 Ultra, even without using a frame. Reducing the width of the chin below the display of this phone reduces its overall height to make the overall dimensions of the S21 Ultra smaller than the S20 Ultra. The dimensions of the new version will be 165.1 by 75.6 by 8.9 mm, while the dimensions of the current generation Galaxy Ultra will be 166.9 by 76 by 8.8 mm. However, you still have to wait to meet a giant phone.

Compare the dimensions of Galaxy S21 with iPhone 12 Pro and S21 Plus with iPhone 12 Pro Max

The screen size of the Galaxy S21 is slightly larger than the iPhone 12 Pro. This phone is a bit longer, but thanks to the higher aspect ratio, it is not wider, which makes it easy to hold even in one hand.

In addition, Samsung has given the display more space than the front panel, as there are no unpleasant cuts at the top of the screen, and the selfie camera sits in a small hole, which Samsung calls the Infinity-O design.

The direct competitor to the Galaxy S21 Plus is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which will be wider and heavier than Samsung’s 2021 flagship and is harder to hold, especially when using a case on it.

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