capabilities of the Huawei Petal Maps map application

Huawei Petal Maps
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Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei Petal Maps – Petal Maps is Huawei’s new proprietary application that offers features such as navigation and geolocation. In the following, we will get acquainted with the features of this Huawei program.

Today, the smartphone industry is one of the most advanced industries in the world, consisting of a variety of micro and macro technologies. There is almost no company in the world that has complete independence in all areas. From a processor, camera, screen, and battery to a software discussion such as operating system, user interface, and applications, a smartphone is made up of many parts.

Huawei has always strived to be able to produce many technologies on its own and actually become independent. Huawei’s latest product in this direction is the  Petal Maps ” map and router , which we will learn more about in the following.

Features of Huawei Petal Maps

پتال مپس

“Petal Maps” provides three main features required by any routing program. Complete maps, navigation capability and GPS usability to help you reach your destination easily. The user interface of the program is designed very simply, with a map in the center. The maps of this program cover a wide range of cities and countries, and using it will not be a problem to find the destination.

پتال مپس

In addition, the ability to detect traffic and suggest the best route based on traffic information will be a hassle-free trip for the user. It is also possible to save used points on the map, such as home and work, in Petal Maps, which makes it easy for you to find the most visited destinations on the map. Also, point-to-point routing in this program is accompanied by an audio guide so that routing can be done without having to look at the phone. This feature is very useful while driving and can be seen in a small number of similar products.

“Petal Maps” program is at the beginning of its work path and obviously, like competitors, it needs time to be completed as much as possible, but now it has the ability to provide the basic needs of the user. It tells the user where he is, helps him find the place he is looking for, and tells him which way to go.

The point that can help make this program more complete is to add a social section to it. A lot of information is added to it in the routing programs by the users themselves. This important gap can be seen in Petal Maps. Such information can provide useful and live information to the users of the program.

But in the next step, Huawei is going to add many features to the Petal Maps program. The ability to know the public transport work schedule in the area, the ability to calculate the time traveled by bike or on foot and location information about businesses and other places on the map are among these features that will be added to this program soon.

This program is in beta (beta version) and obviously there is room for it to grow indefinitely. But it remains to be seen whether it will be able to outperform its more experienced competitors in this area. But the important point behind the introduction of Petal Maps is Huawei’s firm determination to achieve independence in all fields and to create an international company with a very diverse production capability. Not in the near future, but perhaps in the coming decades will lead to a complete change in the structure of technology ownership in the world.

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