The iPhone 12 and Apple’s Mag Safe charger interfere with the heartbeat

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 and Apple’s Mag Safe charger

The iPhone 12 and Apple’s MagSafe chargers can interfere with the heartbeat and defibrillators implanted in a patient.

Although it was too late for Apple to share in the success of wireless charging technology, it eventually introduced a type of technology that should become the standard in almost all wireless charging systems today. Like many other small but important initiatives that Apple has taken for ease of use, Apple has used a magnet to make it more stable when charging the iPhone 12 wirelessly. While Apple’s initiative may be laudable, the iPhone 12 and its dual -megapixel charger accessories have side effects that may not have been noticed until recently.

Apple Meg Safe Charger

The magnet is certainly not without its positive and negative effects. In the latter case, there are other objects and devices that are magnetically dependent on or may be affected by it. The worst case scenario is when the magnetic property interferes with the operation of the implant-operated devices that save a person’s life, such as pacemakers and defibrillators (electroconvulsive devices).

Almost all smartphones emit electromagnetic radiation due to their nature, but there is something special about the iPhone 12. In this device, there are magnets that are specially installed to hold the mag safe and accessories. Although Apple insists that the iPhone 12 poses no greater risk of magnetic interference than older iPhones, it has updated its credentials to warn users.

Apple made the update after a medical journal published doctors’ observations about how the iPhone 12 might accidentally disrupt the rescue function of medical devices implanted in a patient’s body.


Apple Meg Safe Charger

The doctors performed this test in particular and placed the iPhone near the patient’s cardiovascular defibrillator and found that it was causing it to fail. In its updated document, Apple now advises people to try to keep their phones at least 15 centimeters away from pacemakers and similar devices when using their iPhones.

This warning also includes accessories for the MagSafe device, especially MagSafe chargers. In fact, Apple advises people to increase the distance to 30 cm when charging the iPhone 12 wirelessly, for added safety.

While most people keep or carry their iPhones at such distances anyway, this should be done by those who have medical equipment implanted in their body and really keep the iPhone close to their heart. Can be considered as a serious warning.

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