The iPhone 13 comes with a smaller notch and a LiDAR sensor

iPhone 13
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Analysts expect the iPhone 13 to come with a smaller display notch. Advances in 3D sensor technology will make the 3D module smaller, resulting in a smaller notch at the top of the screen.

This year, only the iPhone 12 Pro family of phones was equipped with a LiDAR sensor. This was the reason for the popularity of this family of phones. It is reported that the regular version of the iPhone 13 family will be equipped with this sensor next year. This leaked information shows that the iPhone 12 series, like the current generation, will be available in four versions.


These phones use Direct ToF technology. An American company called II-VI is reportedly set to join Apple’s hardware suppliers for the next generation of iPhones. The company manufactures VCSEL chips for LiDAR sensors. Analysts believe that the demand for VCSEL chips for ToF sensors is increasing.

According to sources, Apple will use these chips in the ToF LiDAR sensor of its iPhones in 2021. Of course, II-VI will not be the only supplier of these chips; Apple also uses the technologies of another American company called Lumentum. Although the company that supplies the company’s Lei chips is an English company called IQE, II-VI itself supplies the Lei chips, which has led Apple to count on it.

Suppliers have confirmed that the number of holes in the iPhone 13’s rear camera module will increase. The sources also confirm that the sensitivity of the 3D sensor of the Apple iPhone 13 will be more advanced. This means that the device needs less light to detect it in 3D, and we expect the iPhone 13 to come with a smaller notch.

Analysts believe that the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models may be equipped with Wi-Fi 6E technology. Wi-Fi 6E offers the same features as Wi-Fi 6, which include more powerful performance, less latency, and faster data rates, exceeding the 5 GHz band and including the 6 GHz frequency band.

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