The iPhone 13 will support variable refresh rates

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 will support

Recently, a new patent was released for the iPhone 13 – iPhone 13, announcing the variable refresh rate in Apple’s new flagship series.

As you know, many smartphone companies today use screens that support high refresh rates. This display feature has become a standard in smartphones and is present in the recent flagships of various companies, such as the Samsung S21 series.

These patents have been published by official and reputable sources. According to the published information, Apple is building a screen that can increase the refresh rate of the image three or even four times when displaying content. This means that in the new Apple phone, we will see the ability to change the refresh rate (between 60 and 240 Hz).

IPhone 13

According to the published information, the iPhone 13 will automatically change the image refresh rate between 60, 120, 180 and 240 Hz. While all released iPhone models use a 60Hz refresh rate, it is interesting to note that the iPad Pro can also support a 120Hz refresh rate using Pro Motion technology.

Prior to the release of the iPhone 12 series, it was rumored that the phone would be offered with support for the 120Hz refresh rate, but after the introduction of this gadget, the opposite was proven. However, it is possible that Apple will use a screen with Pro Motion technology in the iPhone 13 series.

One of the reasons Apple does not use screens that support high refresh rates is that it consumes too much battery power. As you know, Apple uses very low capacity batteries for its phones, and for example, we can mention the 2227 mAh battery of the iPhone 12 mini .

It has recently been reported that Apple will use LTPO screens for its new flagship to solve the problem of battery performance and use a display with a high refresh rate, because this type of screen is very low consumption.

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