The launch date of the Galaxy A72 and A52 has been announced by Samsung

Galaxy A72 and A52
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The launch date of the Galaxy A72 and A52 was accidentally revealed by Samsung itself. The Galaxy E72 and Galaxy E52 are Samsung’s popular future intermediaries.

In recent weeks, almost all the information about the Samsung Galaxy E72 and Galaxy E52 has been leaked. But to date, only one thing has been unclear, and that is the launch date of the Galaxy A72 and A52, as well as whether the 5G version of the Galaxy A72 will be unveiled or not.

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Although various reports indicate that Samsung’s new mid-range handsets will be unveiled this month, no exact time has been announced. Now we know exactly when the handsets will be unveiled, thanks to the insightful look of a revealer who works on Twitter using the FrontTron username.

Introduction date of Galaxy A72 and A52

Samsung apparently plans to launch a live event online in March 2021 (this month). And since Samsung has no specific plans for this month, it is safe to say that this live event is actually the launch of the Galaxy A72 and A52. This event is scheduled to be broadcast on YouTube on March 17 (March 17) at 17:00 Iranian time.

Introduction date of Galaxy A72 and A52

Galaxy A‌ series handsets during this period will help Samsung to somehow compensate for the decline in sales of its products. The Galaxy A51 has received a lot of attention from customers, and leaked information indicates that this trend will continue with the Galaxy A52. The 4G version of the phone will be equipped with the Snapdragon 720G chipset and will cost 349 euros, while the 5G version will be equipped with the Snapdragon 750G chipset and will cost 429 euros. Equipped with an optical image stabilization (OIS) camera and a waterproof body thanks to IP67 certification are some of the best features of this attractive mid-range phone that are not found in other Samsung mid-range products.

Introduction date of Galaxy A72 and A52

On the other hand, the details of only the 4G version of the Galaxy E72 have been leaked, which has led to suspicions that Samsung does not want to release the 5G version. However, it is rumored that this phone can offer attractive features such as stereo speakers and camera space zoom like Samsung’s flagships. The price of the base version of this phone is estimated at 449 euros.

Introduction date of Galaxy A72 and A52