The Medium game and 10 tips for newcomers
The Medium game

The Medium game and 10 tips for newcomers

If you are looking for The Medium game or are just starting out, we recommend that you keep the following in mind.


The Medium game is a unique horror work that has new ideas and can satisfy the fans of this genre.

Studio blueberry team (Bloober Team) who works known as laser-offs Fair (Layers of Fear) and The Blair Witch (Blair Witch) in a report, has shown here that the game medium is not only one of the best creations from them, but also to It also became one of the best horror films of recent years (although it did not receive critical acclaim, as expected). According to the creators, making this game was not possible on the eighth generation of consoles due to its challenges and required high hardware power, which was made possible by the entry of the new generation. By playing the game, you can better understand this issue.

Medium, one of Microsoft’s proprietary titles, puts you in the role of an intermediary with the ability to enter the spirit world. After the scenes of a child’s death are revealed to Marriane, he walks to an abandoned hotel to find the answers to his questions.

The Medium game guide for newcomers

A special feature of the game in its dual gameplay is that it uses innovative mechanics and is sometimes amazing. The following tips can help you have a better game experience and pay more attention to some details.

– Play with headphones

The Medium

The game you run is written on the screen at the beginning, which is better to experience it with headphones, and it is recommended that you do so. The medium, like other well-made horror works, attaches great importance to sound and is highly dependent on it. There are a number of sound signs in the game that you must be aware of so that you can unravel the secrets. It also helps with headphones to immerse yourself in the game world and be more in the space.

– Note the hands of Marian

The Medium

The ghost world plays a key role in the story and gameplay. You sometimes find yourself in situations where you have to defend yourself, and this is where Marianne’s Spiritual Energy comes to your aid and you can protect her.

But if you do not pay attention to the amount of energy consumed and use it recklessly, it will run out very quickly and you will get into trouble. To prevent this from happening, you need to look at Marianne’s hands. Whenever his hands glow white, it means he still has spiritual energy to use.

Secrecy is the key to success

The Medium

The medium, though sometimes action-oriented, bears no resemblance to the terrifying titles that use action elements. Players have virtually no way to defeat the monsters and can only slow them down sometimes and create the conditions for escape; Which, of course, will not be easy.

For this reason, stealth is very important and they are a key mechanic in dealing with monsters. If you are not a patient gamer, the experience of The Medium game can be even more painful and will not bring you much fun.

– Use the Insight feature

The Medium

Insight is a feature that players discover from the very beginning of the game. From the moment you get this feature, you should take every opportunity to take advantage of it.

Insight allows the audience to see and identify different things; Things without this feature, you are likely to pass them easily. What you find is important both in completing the story and in collecting the items. Those who want to complete the game 100% must find all these items.

So, from the moment this feature was given to you, check all the environments so that nothing is missed.

– Running is not always in your favor

The Medium

When playing The Medium, it is very important to get used to its rhythm, both in the story and in the gameplay. After all, we are dealing with a work that is sometimes more than imaginative and thought-provoking, and you spend a lot of time exploring and discovering new things.

You can accelerate the rhythm of the game and progress much faster with the ability to run. This is not a problem, but it can cause you to miss some tips and items and easily skip the interesting spaces and details of the game. Our advice is not to rush and move slowly. It only takes 8 hours to complete this game, and even if you want to complete it 100%, it will not take you more than 15 hours.

But when using the mechanics of out-of-body experience, running is important, which we will discuss below.

– Out-of-body experience

The Medium

The mechanics of “experience outside the body” is one of the most attractive features of this game. In this state, Marianne is out of her physical form and can move in the spirit world.

You can do this for a short time and it is more efficient to solve puzzles. To get the most out of this mechanic, it is best to run to get what you want faster. In addition, we recommend that you return to Marianne’s body to follow in her footsteps and see what you need to change to solve a puzzle.

– Split-Screen

The Medium

Probably the most prominent feature of the game is the split screen, a similar example we have rarely seen. You have to move the main character in two different worlds at the same time. This feature is great, and while it may not seem like a big deal, it does take some time to get used to.

Players may be tempted to look at only one of the two images, but this is wrong and we recommend that you pay attention to both images. For example, sometimes there is an item in the ghost world that is not available in the real world, and if you do not look at the ghost world at that moment, it loses it. So do not focus on just one world.

– Read the details of the items

The Medium

You must have noticed that there are many items in The Medium that you must find. These items are not only for beauty in the game, but many of them are important in better understanding the story and can help the player in this journey.

Once you have discovered an item, take some time to read the notes on it. By doing this, you will get a lot of details that will make you more immersed in the world of the work and get important information.

– Change settings

The Medium

Some parts of the game are too dark, which is not a strange thing considering the design of the work and its environments. Although this darkness is effective in creating the atmosphere, but when searching for essential items, it becomes annoying and sometimes you do not find anything right!

To improve this situation, we recommend that you enter the settings section and increase the brightness of the effect so that you do not miss anything. This is not just for PCs, and you can increase or decrease the brightness on the Xbox X Series as well.

– Finish the game in one day

The Medium

This may sound a bit ridiculous, but it does make the game more enjoyable. Some works become more effective and you connect more with them if you do and finish them without interruption. The same is true for The Medium, and we recommend that you complete it in one day. The medium is like a movie, and if you do it directly from beginning to end, you will better understand its story.

As mentioned above, it takes about 7 to 8 hours to finish the game. There is no urge to complete this title in one day, but if you want to experience it in the best possible way, this may be one of the best ways.

The game is currently available for PC and Xbox X Series consoles. You can also purchase the PC version of the game from the Steam service. The game is also on the Xbox Game Pass and subscribers of this service can experience it for free.

Have you experienced The Medium? Let us know what you think.