The memory of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will probably be one terabyte

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro

According to new rumors, the memory of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro 13 Max – iPhone 13 Pro Max will be one terabyte.


Apple’s new flagships are released every year and surprise users with new features. However, in addition to some software features and capabilities, as well as improving the quality of the camera, another capability of iPhones is that they have extremely strong technical specifications; As we saw this year with the release of the A14 chip, how powerful a 5-nanometer processor can be.

However, it is noteworthy that the processor and RAM of smartphones, including the iPhone, improve every year, but since about 2018, after the release of the iPhone XS, the internal memory of the phone has not been seen more than 512 GB and the idea has not been implemented. .

1 terabyte memory of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

IPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Memory - iPhone 13 Pro Max

According to recent rumors, Apple is apparently working on 1TB of memory to be stored in smartphones, which will most likely be called the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S series .

Of course, these reports say that the idea is still being tested and developed, and most importantly, will only be available for the Pro and Pro Max models.

It is also rumored that the notch at the top of the screen will be smaller on next-generation Apple phones; A rumor that was heard last year and we did not see it come true. Of course, this rumor has a basis, and that is to put the sensor capability under the screen, which is supposed to be a good alternative to Face ID.

However, if the fingerprint sensor under the display is added to the iPhone 13 flagships, as well as the Pro and Pro Max models, it seems unlikely that the notch on the screen will be removed and eventually its size will be slightly smaller.

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